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Notes for Thomas Pickett and Nancy King

Research Notes:

It is not clear whether Charles Pickett, the son of Thomas born 1740 or of Thomas born 1725, was the spouse of Selah King.

1784 Thomas Pickett died and James Miller was the executor for his will. [1]

A biosketch is given in [2]

1833 Probate records were filed in West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for son Micajah Pickett. There were disputes among potential heirs. Robert L Knox claimed to be a tutor of children of Micajah Pickett. Descendants of James Knox claimed that Micajah K Pickett had been administrator of the estate of James Knox and that the Knox heirs had outstanding claims against Micajah K Pickett. Sarah Lewis claimed that she had a community relationship with Micajah Pickett, deceased, and that there should be a marital portion. Siblings of Micajah contended that Micajah died childless, so Micajah's siblings and parents were named as his heirs. Many of the documents are undated, so the ordering of events is ambiguous. [3]

1833 John K Pickett and Thomas K Pickett applied to be appointed curators for the absent heirs of Micajah K Pickett, late of West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, deceased. They stated that they themselves were heirs and that there were other heirs, including sister Nancy Bolware, widow of South Carolina and Mary Long wife of Francis Long of Mississippi, nephew and niece and many others not recollected. Dated October 2. [4] Counsel for Sarah Lewis filed an exception claiming a community existed between her and her said husband [Micajah Pickett] deceased. [5] [6]

1834 The court ruled that the debts of the community should be paid and that the plaintiff [Sarah Lewis] would have an allowance of $250 per year. [7]

c 1834 … the appointment of appraisers in order to value the property real & personal belonging to the community which existed between Sarah Lewis __ & Micajah Pickett her husband dec'd Dated September 14, 1833. The inventory lists each item of the estate. [8] Slaves were named in one document. [9]

1835? John K Pickett and Thomas K Pickett, as curators of the absent heirs of Micajah Pickett, asserted that the claim of Sarah Lewis was without merit. [10] Sarah Lewis claimed that she had been lawfully married to Micajah Pickett for several years. [11] Micajah reportedly died on August 29, 1833. [12]

1838 Robert L Knox the duly appointed tutor of the minors Dylan, Silas, Mary, & Sentee Pickett, minor children of Micajah K. Pickett & Sentee Middleton both de'd …

1842 Robert L Knox petitioned for a partition of the estate of Micajah K Pickett de'd among his legal & ? heirs, Named Alisha, wife of James H Gibbons, Celia Pickett, wife of Gabriel Godbold of Franklin County, Mississippi, Cynthia Pickett wife of Alder E Piper, & Mary Ann Pickett, a minor represented by Robert L Knox, her tutor, all ? in this partition except Celia Pickett as aforesaid … which is to be equally divided between the four heirs aforesaid … Arisha Pickett … Celia Pickett … Cynthia Pickett … Mary Ann Pickett … as regards the slaves Viz James of 15 years … Grand of 11 years … Phebe of 40 years and Dice her child of 7 years … Clariborn of 20 years, Manzer of 13 years …

John K Pickett and Thomas K Pickett denied each and every allegation in the petition of Amanda Cain, Robert Knox, James C Knox, Nathaniel Knox, and John K Knox, minors represented by L. Picket their mother and James K. Picket a minor represented by his tutor Micajah Picket, who styled themselves heirs of James Knox, deceased. [13] Nathan K Knox was named as a son of Sarah Lewis in one document. Micajah Picket had been named administrator of James Knox in 1824 and still owed money to the heirs of James Knox. [14] The court ruled against the [Knox?] plaintifs in 1836. [15]

1849 The petition of Isaac Hawes and Martha Tucker of South Carolina and James Reynolds and Robert Seals & Martha Seals his wife formerly Martha Reynolds of the state of Georgia respectfully represent that Micajah Pickett formerly of South Carolina died intestate childless in the said Parish of West Baton Rouge about the year 1833 having an estate worth thirty thousand dollars, his individual property. That Thomas K Pickett brother of the said Micajah took out letters of administration ? on the 28 day of September 1833. That on the 2d day of April 1834 the said Thomas K Pickett & John K Pickett were appointed by the Probate Court of said Parish Curators of the absent heirs of the said Micajah and gave bond … that the said Thomas K Pickett has within the last few years departed this life leaving the said John K Picket sole surviving curator in the said State of Louisiana who has never … made a settlement … that the parents of the said intestate Thomas & Nancy Pickett departed this life prior to the death of said Micajah having ten children besides the said Micajah to wit Thomas K, Martha, James, Margaret, Charles, Frances, Nancy, John, William, and Sarah. Your petitioner, Hawes, is the sole child & heir of the marriage of Martha Pickett (sister of the said Micajah) with John Hawes and is entitled as heir in right of his mother to one tenth part of said estate. Your petitioner Martha Tucker is the sole heir of _blank_ one of the above named chldren, and entitled to one tenth share. Your petitioners James Reynolds and his sister Martha Seals, are children and heirs of Margaret Pickett above named who intermarried with William Reynolds and they as the representative of their deceased Mother are jointly entitled to one tenth of said estate. … Thomas K and the said John K has not since the death of his co-curator paid them their share or any portion thereof although often amicably requested to do so. … Dated September 12, 1849. [16]

1835 Several of the children shown here were named in a court case: A court case in Franklin County, Mississippi between Mr. Furman Ford versus the executors of the estate of William Pickett was decided by the Supreme Court of Mississippi. In 1814, William Pickett had sold several negroes to Ford. The negroes were recovered by Ford in 1826, under an outstanding title by Thomas K. Pickett, as administrator of Charles Pickett's estate. A deposition of Micajah Pickett and Sarah Pickett, citizens of Louisiana, was mentioned. John King was mentioned. "They show no title in William Pickett to the property in question. It is true that a part of the estate of Charles Pickett was transferred to him by some of the distributees, but not all of it, and even if it had all been transferred, I do not know that it could defeat the title of the administrator, who is a trustee for creditors as well as distributees." [17]


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