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Notes for Samuel Kellogg and Sarah Platt

A biosketch names Sarah, daughter of John and Hannah (Clark) Platt: "Samuel, second son of Daniel and Bridget (Bouton) Kellogg, was born February 19, 1673, at Norwalk, Connecticut, and died October 13, 1757. He was prominent in civil and church affairs of Norwalk, and his name is found on lists of church committees. In 1703 he was a collector, in 1705 a selectman, and in 1714 a member of the Connecticut assembly. He married (first) September 6, 1704, Sarah, daughter of John and Hannah (Clark) Platt, born May 21, 1678, in Norwalk, died November 10, 1750, who was the mother of his eight children. He married (second) in Wilton, March 9, 1755, Sarah (Lockwood) Hickok, widow of Benjamin Hickok, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood, born in 1678, who had previously been married twice, first to Nathaniel Selleck, who died August 14, 1712, and second to Benjamin Hickok; at the time of her third marriage she was in her seventy-third year and Mr. Kellogg in his eight-third year. She died in 1765." [1]


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