About Me

I‘m Zhan Jiang, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. My Advisor is Mel Hochster. Here is my cv.

2015.9-Today Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
Pursing PhD degree
2011.9-2015.7 Department of Mathematics Science
Tsinghua University
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Other interests: learning Japanese.


  • REU experience with Professor Michael Zieve in Tsinghua University in junior year, here are detalis
  • I'm currently interested in tight closure theory and local cohomology in commutative algebra.



Notes of Courses

Here is a list of notes of courses I've taken. Some of them are handwritten by me while some of them are notes from the professor or other students in the same course.

Notes of Seminars

Here is a list of notes of seminars I've attended.

Other Useful Notes