About Me

I‘m Zhan Jiang, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. My Advisor is Mel Hochster. Here is my cv.

2015.9-Today Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
Pursing PhD degree
2011.9-2015.7 Department of Mathematics Science
Tsinghua University
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Other interests: learning Japanese.


  • I'm currently interested in tight closure theory, local cohomology and related topics in commutative algebra.
  • REU experience with Professor Michael Zieve in Tsinghua University in junior year, here are detalis



Notes of Mine

  • Here is a list of notes of courses I've taken. Some of them are handwritten by me while some of them are notes from the professor or other students in the same course.
  • Here is a list of notes of seminars I've attended.
  • Here is a list of notes in commutative algebra by myself.

Notes of Others