RicWaA icon RicWaA - Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA)

The index profile of a hybrid photonic crystal mricrocavity.

The field intensity profile with normal incident.

A MATLAB based rigorous coupled-wave analysis (RCWA) tool.

Built with the object-oriented programming of MATLAB, RicWaA provides a friendly user interface facilitating the implementation of RCWA to arbitrary 2D periodic photonic structures.

RicWaA is no longer maitained. This page only provides the original code if one still wants to download it.


RicWaA was a project of Deng Research Group at Physics Department of University of Michigan. We are interested in dicovering new quantum phenomena in solid-light interacting system. RicWaA aimed at providing a code for learning and implementing RCWA method in photonic design and for academic interaction. However, this code is no longer maintained.

RCWA is a method develped in 1990s initiated to simulate light propagating through a diffraction grating structure. Due to the limit of the author's knowledge, RicWaA was coded mainly based on the lieratures listed in the reference section. The formalism and direction convention are the same as in these papers.


Download RicWaA 1.0.2.zip

Download RicWaA User's Guide.pdf

Development Notes

'RicWaA' is free software.