Ziping Xu

  • Ph.D. Candicate, University of Michigan, Department of Statistics

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Statistics at University of Michigan. I am fortunate to work with Professor Ambuj Tewari. Before joining University of Michigan, I obtained my B.S. degree in Data Science from Peking University in 2018, where I was advised by Professor Song xi Chen on climate change and air pollution.

My current research interests are on Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning (RL), Transfer Learning and Multitask Learning. I also work with Professor Paul Zimmerman on RL application to Chemistry.



  • Representation Learning Beyond Linear Prediction Functions ,

    Submitted to NeurIPS 2021 Ziping Xu, Ambuj Tewari
  • Decision Making Problems with Funnel Structure: A Multi-Task Learning Approach with Application to Email Marketing Campaign ,

    AISTATS 2021 Ziping Xu, Amirhossein Meisami, Ambuj Tewari
  • TorsionNet: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Sequential Conformer Search,

    NeurIPS 2020 Tarun Gogineni, Ziping Xu, Exequiel Punzalan, Runxuan Jiang, Joshua Kammeraad, Ambuj Tewari, Paul Zimmerman
  • Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs: Oracle-Efficient Algorithms and Tighter Regret Bounds for the Non-Episodic Setting,

    NeurIPS 2020 Ziping Xu, Ambuj Tewari
  • Meteorological Change and Impacts on Air Pollution - Results from North China,

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Ziping Xu, Song Xi Chen, Xiaoqing Wu
  • Worst-Case Regret Bound for Perturbation Algorithm on Reinforcement Learning,

    Accepted by NeurIPS 2019 Optimization Foundation for RL Workshop. Ziping Xu, Ambuj Tewari
  • Health Effects of Air Pollution in China,

    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Liu Wenling, Ziping Xu, and Tianan Yang
  • Cautionary Tales on Air-quality Improvement in Beijing,

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