Characterisation of excluded-minor graphs

Feng ZHU 朱沨

Wir müssen wissen, wir werden wissen.

I recently (as of May 2020) received my PhD from the University of Michigan, where my advisor was Dick Canary. I will be starting (modulo logistical difficulties due to the pandemic) as a postdoctoral fellow at the Technion in fall 2020.

I was previously an undergraduate at Princeton University, graduating in 2014.

[pdf] Curriculum Vitæ (last updated August 2020)

I am broadly interested in geometric topology, with a particular interest in geometric structures and geometric group theory. My work falls in the broad area of higher Teichmüller theory, with a current focus on Anosov representations and their possible generalizations; I also think about convex projective geometry, both as a concrete example of / in the more general theory and as a useful geometric tool.

A longer description is available as a [pdf] Research Statement (October 2019)

In addition, I am (mildly skeptical but) curious about and interested in potential applications of geometric and topological ideas in machine learning and artifical intelligence

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Email (last name)(first name) at umich dot edu