Shira Zerbib

Department of Mathematics,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Office: East Hall 3060

My CV and Research Statement

I am a Postdoc T.H.Hildebrandt Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During the Fall 2017 term I was also a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Geometric and Topological Combinatorics Program at MSRI, and a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley. I received my PhD at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 2014. My research interests are combinatorics, discrete geometry and combinatorial topology.

Publications and Preprints

  • F. Meunier and S. Zerbib, Envy-free divisions of a partially burnt cake. Preprint.
  • F. Frick and S. Zerbib, Colorful coverings of polytopes and piercing numbers of colorful d-intervals. Submitted.
  • S. Gao and S. Zerbib, The (2,2) and (4,3) properties in families of fat sets in the plane. Submitted.
  • K. Nyman, F. E. Su and S. Zerbib, Fair division with multiple pieces. Submitted.
  • F. E. Su and S. Zerbib, Piercing Numbers in Approval Voting. Submitted.
  • S. Zerbib, An improved bound in Vizing's conjecture. Submitted.
  • S. Zerbib, The (p,q) property in families of d-intervals and d-trees. Submitted.
  • R. Aharoni and S. Zerbib, A generalization of Tuza's conjecture. Submitted.
  • M. Chudnovsky, S. Spirkl and S. Zerbib, Piercing axis-parallel boxes. To appear in Electronic J. of Combinatorics.
  • R. Aharoni, R. Holzman and S. Zerbib, Edge-covers in d-interval hypergraphs. Discrete & Computational Geometry, 58(3) (2017), 650-662.
  • R. Aharoni, T. Kaiser and S. Zerbib, Fractional covers and matchings in families of weighted d-intervals. Combinatorica 37(4) (2016) 555-572.
  • G. Nivasch, J. Pach, R. Pinchasi and S. Zerbib, The number of distinct distances from a vertex of a convex polygon. J. Comput. Geom. 4(1) (2013), 1-12.
  • S. Zerbib, On the zone complexity of a vertex. SIAM J. Discrete Math. 25(2) (2011), 719-730.

  • S. Zerbib, Problems in Combinatorial Geometry. PhD thesis, Technion, 2014.
  • S. Zerbib, On the Projective Analogue of the Brauer-Witt Theorem. M.Sc. thesis, Technion, 2007.

  • My papers on arXiv

    Work in Progress

  • On Vizing's conjecture (with E. Krop).
  • Piercing axis-parallel rectangles - a topological method (with E. Nevo).

  • Teaching

    Winter 2018:  Math 567 - Introduction to Coding Theory (University of Michigan).
    Winter 2017:  Math 567 - Introduction to Coding Theory (University of Michigan).
    Fall 2016:    Math 465 - Introduction to Combinatorics (University of Michigan).
    Winter 2016:  Math 567 - Introduction to Coding Theory (University of Michigan).
    Fall 2015:    Math 115 - Calculus I (University of Michigan).
    2009-2014:     Teaching Assistant - Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Field Theory, Calculus II (Technion).

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