Rule Addendums

A hatful of rule clarifications:

A) As for echos and hearing things going on in the Symphony when someone spends essense, these changes are being made:

  1. Unless you are in line of sight, you won't pick up a one or two point usage from anyone.
  2. Otherwise, the disturbance is to roll under disturbance + Celestial Forces. Yeah, it lets the PC know stuff, but in general, things that you hear that way are going to be big, and everyone is going to hear them.

    B) All Attunements require at minimum a Perception roll for Angels and Lilim / Will roll for Demons. I cannot, for the life of me, find the attunement rules in the rulebook.

    C) Pitched combat will work on a round-based basis. Which means, when in basic battle setup, not just complete mayhem, we'll move to whoever has the highest agility goes first... and down to the worst. All attacks are instantanious, all dodges to attacks are instantanious.

    D) There are some rules for Songs that I actually LIKE. This is, that if you have a very low skill (1-2), it requires hand gestures, invocations, the whole works to get it to work. The better you get at it, the less you need to get off a Song, until the point (5-6) where you can mentally invoke it and will go off, no hand gestures, no nothing.

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