Okay, this conversation really IS my fault. Really. Honestly. But I'm geased to share.

Demiurge works on getting Eli into things, since evidently we're going to need him. ;)

Shannen thinks we need all the help we can get..

Daimon says "But it's ELI, not HELP."

Daimon defines help, at minimum, as someone who can match their socks. This unfortunately excludes Eli from that set.

Sarah laughs! Demiurge laughs.

Shannen . o O ( True.. )

Demiurge | Eli looks up, with a crazy smile. "The orange sock loves the tartan sock."

Sarah fears Demi and the sock love affairs.

Eduardo waves and just fears Demi.

Daimon likes the sock love affairs.

Daimon goes off to write a small story about sock love affairs.

Daimon says "Sex in the dryer,"

Eduardo says "On the dryer is better. In the dryer is too crowded."

Daimon says "I bet the orange sock gets all black widowy, and eats the tartan sock while drying."

Daimon says "Which explains why there is only one."

Daimon says "SOCK ORGY!"

Demiurge snickers at the socks.

Daimon, for some inexplicable reason, jumps into a pile of freshly dried socks.

Sarah eyes Daimon.

Demiurge imagines Daimon's happy face.

Daimon says "WOOO!"

Demiurge has this image of Daimon amid socks, like Captain Kirk beset by tribbles.

Daimon nods lots and lots.

Daimon says "I'm trying to get down to the bottom of this sock mystery."

Daimon holds socks up before his eyes, and asks each sock if it's been bad or good.

The socks squeak.

Daimon looks for bloated socks that might have just, you know, cannabalized one of it's sock brothers.

Daimon says "WOAH! Squeaking socks!"

Demiurge points out a sock that is wide and fat with lint.

Sarah eeeep.

Daimon picks up the sock that is wide and fat with lint, and lectures it sternly about why there are always two socks in a 'pair'.

The sock squirms. Clearly Shedite-ridden.

Daimon throws the sock down, stands up, and jumps up and down on it.

Demiurge says "Where do baby Shedim train? In socks!"

Daimon says "How dare they eat my socks!"

Daimon thinks this explains the disappearing sock mystery, though.

Demiurge says "That way you'll have at least one safe pair."

Daimon says "What if I put that shedite ridden sock on my foot?"

Daimon says "Would it chew on my toes?"

Sarah says "Fungus!"

Daimon pulls off his own sock, and checks his toes.

Demiurge says "I don't know. Try it and find out?"

The toes are all there, but the nails have been maliciously painted lime-green.

Sarah says "Eek!"

Daimon says "My GOD, I've been Pranked!"

Daimon picks up the Shedite-ridden sock.

Daimon tosses it into the dryer with a strip of Celestial Fabric Softener.

Daimon turns the dryer on 'fluff'.

The sock wriggles, plaintively.

Daimon turns the dryer on, and waits to see a fluffy shedite.

Sarah . o O ( And a Kyrio tumbles out! )

The Shedite is banished, swirling away with a scream of fluffiness!

Daimon plops in front of the dryer on the rapidly cooling sock pile, opens his sketchbook, and does a little really bad drawing while waiting the fluffy shedite.

Daimon says "Woah."

Daimon says "No fluffy shedite?"

The Shedite is Redeemed into a Kyriotate, who makes the sock into a puppet and waves it through the glass.

Daimon opens the dryer. Woo!

Daimon thinks, hey, if he can redeem a shedite in a dryer... what about Lilim and Impudites? Will they fit?

Sarah says "It's the aura of fluffiness!"

Daimon thinks about climbing into the dryer with the celestial fabric softner.

Demiurge says "Hm. It was a very small baby Shedite."

Demiurge | Daimon says, to the Lilim of Andre, "Trust me. It's the new thrill." He crosses his fingers behind his back, and holds the dryer door open.

Sarah says "It merely had to learn to adore fluff."

Daimon says "EXCELLENT!"


Sarah says "Bright Lilim of Destiny, all right :)"

Daimon likes fluff. He demonstrates it by cudding Sarah, who is, celestially, quite fluffy.

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