Angels Player Characters
Maxwell Maxwell, Cherubim of the Sword
"Welcome, I am here to protect you."
A nice clean cut sort of guy, when he isn't off killing demons.

Max is played by Allen Ano.

Malcolm Malcolm Jamal Warner, Friend of the Divine Spark, Ofanim of Fire
He even has a dog named Tyrone.

Malcolm is played by Jason Boss.

Dana Dana Walsh, Outcast Cherubim of Judgement in the Service to Freedom
A good person to have on your side, especially if you find yourself in sudden need of a lawyer.

Dana is played by Susan Lyon.

Dylan Dylan T. Maguire, Outcast Mercurian of the Wind

Dylan is played by Steve Pheley

Star Star Tornquist, Mercurian of Creation in the Service of Flowers

A cute and cuddly hippy chick. Would you like a flower?

Star is played by Liz Mieczkowski

Leah Cahier, Malakite of War
On a quest for more demons to kill....

Leah Cahier is played by Rob Frazine

Retired Characters
Jered Cain, Seraph of Destiny
Mild mannered librarian or a Celestial who looks like Ben Kingsley? You decide.

Jered Cain was played by Dan Winningham

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