Love Song for a Wind Virtue (By Maya and one or two words from the peanuts)

You came on down the road like thunder
Roaring wind and halogen
Lightning dancing in your eyes
A dream torn from the minds of men
Your bike sang all the songs of motion
I heard you call my name again

Baby, you taste like dynamite
You rock my world and spin my mind
Hair that smells of gunpowder
Dance with me, don't be too kind!

Shattering the empty dawn light
Riding down the empty way
Wind blew hot and fierce around you
Catch me now, I heard you say
You were riding for the sunrise
Racing madly for the day


Saw you vanish in the evening
Heard the thunder follow on
Heard the beat of high explosive
Like a heartbeat till the dawn
Now I've got the Wind behind me
And I'll find where you have gone...

Flaming edge graphics from Our Domain Gallery of Graphics
The "In Nomine" and "flaming feather" graphics are
(C) 1997 Steve Jackson Games, Incorporated.
Used with fnord.