Seraphim Council Transcript #5069321

[earlier business clipped]

[Michael enters and stands in the center of the floor. Points up at Dominic] : I see I was right to find you here.

[Dominic] : Yes.

[Michael] : No more will I stand for your lies and your treachery, Dominic. We've hidden you long enough.

[room falls silent]

[Dominic] : I am afraid I do not understand your implications, Michael.

[Michael] : You know exactly what I'm talking about, demon.

[Dominic] : I am afraid you have made a mistake, dear Seraph.

[Michael] : I have made no mistake. And now comes the Day of Reckoning by the blade of my axe.

[Laurence] : Michael, maybe you can explain what this is all about.

[Dominic] : Yes, please, Michael. We are all listening.

[Michael] : That thing, sitting at the head of your Council is nothing more then a Fallen. That Balseraph continues to pollute our heaven with it's stench. I have come to clear it's putrid essence from our presence, and send it down to Hell where it belongs.

[Laurence] : I don't understand.

[Dominic] : It is perfectly obvious. Our poor Michael seems to be having minor problems with the Symphony as of late. Michael, hate and lust darken your glory. I serve the Lord, and I am as much of a Seraph as I have ever been.

[Michael] : Jihad, motherfucker. [pause] You and all of your servitors will die, and I will personally see to it.

[Dominic] : So be it.

[Michael turns and leaves]

[Yves] : Ah yes. Destiny.

[Laurence] : Quiet, Yves.

[Dominic] : I do think that is enough for the day. The Council is in recess.

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