Let Stone Inspire You! (Maya!)

Slow rock beat, my old foundation
Built to last the years
Wall against the dancing demons
Wall against the fears...

Dark old stone, so soft against my hand
Calm old eyes, unfaded by the years
Strong arms guard me 'gainst the night...

Build a wall of hearts and minds
Brotherhood of light
Unity to hold through ages
Driving back the night...


Make the barricades of granite
Diamond will and stone
Let us know we stand together
None of us alone...


Now the final storm is rising
We are rooted sure
Our foundations old and solid
Our intention pure...


Demiurge says "The three-line bit ought to be the chorus. To a really heavy drumbeat, with deep bass guitar."

Flaming edge graphics from Our Domain Gallery of Graphics
The "In Nomine" and "flaming feather" graphics are
(C) 1997 Steve Jackson Games, Incorporated.
Used with fnord.