Star's Amazing Adventure, Part 1.

The GM must apologize for the shortness of the Log, as she didn't take very good notes, she's pressed for time, and is just feeling lame.


Star ascends the tether of the Sword, the Byzantine Orthodox Church. The tetherpoint in Heaven is inside Laurence's Cathedral, a place Star has never been before. She finds a small chapel where there is a service in progress (not a difficult find here) and prays. Afterwards, she attempts to find the way out of the Cathedral and out to the plaza of the Holy City, but the Cathedral is infinite in size. She spends a lot of time looking at icons, triptichs, statues of saints, portraits of angels on the walls, rows of arms and armor, and the occasional Malakite. But she doesn't find her way out. This requires asking around and getting shown the door.

Star, free of the Cathedral, makes her way to Marc's Marketplace. There, for two essence, she buys a pair of sparkly high tops for two essence. With the box of shoes, carefully wrapped in nice paper complete with a big fluffy bow, she takes off to the Glade in search of Mama Novalis. A cherub tells her that Novalis is not in at the moment. Star locates a Mercurian who looks like is in charge at the moment, and passes off the box, explaining what is inside. The Mercurian gives her his opinion of the shoes - "Tacky", but points Star off to a majority of the Flowers servitors being in the Marches and that he will certainly deliver the present.

Star goes to the Marches and sees pretty much the same spectacle that Dylan saw before her, the spread of the divisions on the grey sand, the huge triage unit, the walking wounded. Star goes and joins her fellow servitors of Flowers for a while to help out with a little healing, as much as she can, but she realizes there's only so much she can really do.

Star leaves the marches, and heads back to Marc's Marketplace. She buys another pair of sparkly tennies, gets them wrapped, and heads off to Eli's Cathedral, which is so much happier and like home. This is much more like home, and for once, the place is actually populated with Creationers. Angry Creationers. She talks to them, and finds out more information about those still imprisoned Creationers in the Spires, those with the Words... the Big Words. Those who, if they were let out, might cause a little havoc. Star wanders off to find Eli's little room and leaves the shoes on his bed, hoping he gets the present. Then she walks out of the Cathedral and sends a quick Song of Tongues to Raphael, hoping to attract the Archangel's attention. She ducks back in, and goes looking for a Malakite. She finds one, in one of the painting rooms, fretting over a canvas. It happens to be Midian, the same Malakite that took the spray paint from Dana when he was released and did a little damage of his own. He happily inflicts Star with his Burger King Theory. Star flirts with him for a while, and gets him to agree to go on whatever goofy Malakite-loving quest she can come up with, because he's an easy going guy.

Star leaves Eli's catherdral, and wanders to the Glade. It's there that she finally meets with his ponytailness, the Archangel Raphael. Star explains the problem, and he explains to her that she is going to get just as lost in the Spires by herself as she would in say, Laurence's Cathedral. Besides, it's theoretically infinite in size, and you're looking for the basement? He suggests that they get their hands some Dominicans who can be used as guides. He had heard some rumor about the Kobalites opening up their tethers to the Dominicans just a week ago, to keep them safe from everyone and their cousin. Star thinks this is pretty weird, but hey. He offers to take her down to one, and then go to...

L.A. Day 4. Night.

Raphael takes Star to a small comedy club in a run down area of Santa Barbara, California. He harrasses the Seneschal when he comes to the door, and Star locates the Triad which is hiding inside - the Seraph, Elohite and Cherub. Star starts to talk to the Seraph, and doesn't seem to get anywhere really fast. Of the Triad, none of them really know what Raphael IS, not identifying him. And it's a little odd... that an archangel... has no problem... in a demonic tether. At all.

Star tries to convince the Triad to come with her, but they are adamant. Going into the Spires at this date is certain death. Besides, they don't know for certain if their Superior has really Fallen. Raphael explains, in the few times he actually speaks during the exchange, that he personally saw Laurence walk into the Seraphim Council, denouncing Dominic as Fallen. The Triad require proof. Yes, Star might be able to get into the Records Room, but what if the records are changed?

The triad is unmoved about helping Star. And Raphael drops some odd comment about everyone having a Free Will and not forcing them to do anything they don't want to do. It seemed very strange. And there was a little more odd commentary.

Outside, realizing this was getting futile, Star talks to Raph. He does mention Dana and Daimon... as pawns in some sort of huge game. Star starts to get a little bugged...

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