Session Seven: Lies! All Lies!

The fight in the holiday inn begins. Blitzen, Max, Star, Daimon, Dana, and Inquisitors 1-3 are in the lobby. Inquisitor 1 sings a song of Harmony, and everyone becomes calmer. No one seems to be able to kill each other. Inquisitor 2 sings a song of charm, and people begin having trouble moving about. This affects Inquistor 3, who was fighting Mickey/Minnie, and it pisses him off. He resonantes, and fails, and resonates, and fails... and when it finally goes off, he's saved up so much aggression that the furniture explodes.

While people are calm, Max grabs Daimon and Star, and hauls them outside. This ends up with some kicking and screaming from the resident Lilim, and a Geas that pisses Max off. Inside, Inquisitor 1 invokes... something, and she speaks. Dana and Blitzen listen, and the world becomes full of heretics. Blitzen is thinking, "This is all bad." And to make things worse, he grabs the Inquisitor and Smites her. She goes up in a pfft of smoke and so much screaming. Oddly enough, Blitzen gets back essense. Hmmm. Inquisitor 3 continues to destroy the place, kills a maid, and gets shot up by Mickey and Minnie. Dana walks out the door, and Blitzen turns his attention to Inquisitor #2.

Outside, Max shoves Star and Daimon into the car, withe much fuss and arguments. Daimon, in return, makes it Tenticle Car, complete with eyeballs and it occasionally requesting JuJu Bees. The phases Jered not at all, who is trying to fix Max's car and replacing sparkplugs. Max, on the other hand, freaks out over the car. While Max is busy, Star and Daimon try to make a get away. Dai makes an INSANE Escape roll, and they get out pretty schmoove.

In the mean time, Blitzen and Inq2 take the fight outside and around the car. Max whips out his sword Highlander Style, and cuts Inq2's UZI. This phases him not at all, because he's indending on killing Blitzen with his bare hands. Max stops Star, then gets distracted. Daimon makes faces at him, but Max can't tell, because Daimon is invisible. Jered gets into the car, because Tenticle Car doesn't stop the Mightly Seraph.

Dana goes back into the Inn, gets grabbed by Minnie and Mickey. The drag her upstairs.

Blitzen and Inq2 take their fight inside, and blow up some of the hallways. Avoiding them, Star and Daimon go through the Inn.

Max goes around to the side of the building to slash the tires on Minnie and Mickey's bike. Jered drives up to Max in the Tenticle Car, but is passed by a black BMW drives which around to the back of the Holiday Inn.

Between the screaming humans and the madness, the cops start finally start arriving.

Inside the Holiday Inn, Mickey and Minnie try to decide what they are going to do with Dana. Eventually they arrive at nothing, with Mickey accusing Dana of being completely ignorant. They leave. Dana goes off to mingle with the humans.

The Blitzen\Inq2 fight ends, mostly with Inq2 deciding he's had enough... for now.

Dai/Star get through Inn, to the back. The BMW is there, and this guy in an expensive suit and a ponytail is standing there, looking pensive and annoyed. Another guy who looks like Michael Douglas from Falling Down is sitting behind the wheel. This is Terry... friend of Daimon's and god knows what else. Daimon shoves Star at Terry, yelling for him to take her out of here, and walks away to face his own doom. In the hallway, Daimon gives himself up to Max, but Star will have none of htis. She chases in, starting all sorts of silliness. Out back, Max pushes Daimon into the Tenticle Car. Star lets out a protest as Jered pushes on the gas, but Terry grabs Star and stuffs her in the BMW, prattling on about commercials and the like.

But he's seen the look in Star's eyes as she looks forelornly after Daimon, and he knows better then to leave her behind.

Blitzen and Dana steal a car to follow, knowing better then to be left behind, and arguing about being heretics.

On the road, Max's car and the BMW are having a good scene of road warriors. Daimon, on the floor in the back seat, figures if he could do it once, he can do it again, and makes the BMW into the Satanic Clown Car. This on;y gives Max a little pause, as he climbs through, knocks out the back window of his car, and jumps on the hood of the BMW. The BMW goes spinning off the side of the road, but Max clings.

Dana and Blitzen are right behind, and they have decided that Jered is evil. So they broadside him. At the last moment, Jered, Dana, Blitzen and Star go Celestial to avoid their vessels being destroyed. People take note, just in case they ever see a Lilim go Celestial ever again.

Max sticks his arm through the windshield of the BMW, figuring he's going to take out the driver, but the driver turns out to be a Bad Ass. Terry, freaking out in the back seat, stops the fight by charming the hell out of Max of the High Will. Then he gets Max to believe that they are best of friends. This adds to the insanity of the situation, and people climb out of the BMW.

Bliatzen decides to manifest to the now backing up traffic, and appears as a UFO. This gets Terry to go bang on windows, find a camera, tape it, and pay some poor human for the videotape. (He'll use the footage later.) Daimon manifests in female form, swears, and changes vessels, which is a bizarre sight, to say the least. Jered ascends to heaven. Dana goes to check out where the Seraphim are, and finds the Cardinal. He gives her the business, and they sit in silence.

Max tells Terry he loves him, as they walk along towards the Limos. Mr. Grey, formerly the driver and the one armed with the firearm, insisted that they were all going to Caro. But when the limos actually pulled up full of high ranking Seraphim, he changed his mind, informed Max he was looking forward to honerable combat, and stood back.

Daimon stands at the side of the road, stares up at the sky, and screams that he is now officially insane.

There are some rude comments about Balseraphs that Terry chose to ignore, and the Seraphs decide not to leave him on the side of the road, in case he got any cheeky ideas. They tossed everyone in a limo, and drove the rest of the way to the warehouse.

They got to the warehouse, and all that was inside was a chair. The Malakim with the Cardinal did his work, and dealth with Daimon, The others save Dana were lead outside. The Cardinal allowed Dana to stay in... as an object lesson.

Star started to cry when she could hear screams wafting out through the door.

In heaven, Jered seeks out Yves, and learns some new stuff. Also, Blitzen seeks out Gabriel, and also learns some stuff, but it's weirder stuff because Gabe is out to lunch currently. Blitzen and Jered get together to g otalk to Jean, but end up getting a bureacrat, which gets them nowhere. Jered decends back to earth and to the warehouse, and looks at the scene. Blitzen runs off to Gabriel again, then also back to earth.

In the warehouse, Daimon screams as the Cardinal messes with his forces to exact answers. The Cardinal doesn't seem happy with any of them.

Outside, Star cries and prays.

Terry, a perfectly good Balseraph who knows when he's been fucked, sits perched like a bird on the hood of a limo, being ignored and knowing they will eventuallt get to him, even if he runs, makes some phone calls. Sometimes it's good to be a big shot Word bound demon that no one cares about, and when your friend of 200 years is being tortured to death....

Dana, inside the warehouse, really questions what the hell is going on here.

Jered talks to Yoshiko off to the side, who is looking a bit embarrassed. They talk, and she admits... finally.... that the Cardinal, the Head Inquisitor... is no longer a Seraph. But don't tell him that. Jered makes a well placed snide comment.

Blitzen, totally appauled at the cruelty, tells people that he got the same info out of Daimon, without pain, and without torture.

As the session ends:

Star tries one more time to summon Novalis, or anyone, really. And cars start to pull up. They look like TV trucks. Terry stands on the hood of the limo, and grins. Reinforcements. Hopefully the Calabite kind.

Of note:

* The Inquisitor Triad were Fallen, as is the Cardinal Biotti. And the other Seraphim KNOW this.

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