Session Six: Questions do not lead to Answers

Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.
Job 42:6

Malcolm returns from around the corner, complaining about being totally screwed by Lilith, and starting to realize why they call them "Demon Princes". After some talk, they decide to haul Daimon upstairs to a foreman's office, where it's at least more comfortable. Halfway there, Star invokes the Geas/3, telling Daimon that he has to answer every question that Malcolm asks. Then she sticks herself between Daimon and Malcolm, does another little favor, and picks up a new Geas to hold over her favorite Lilim. The set him down in foreman's office, and Malcolm starts asking question after question, using Vanessa The Local Seraph as a "truth or lies" meter. Daimon coughs all sorts of bizarre information, until they hit a wall, where he's literally Geased to not speak about a subject any further. Star spends some time trying to get Malcolm to stop, then gives up and draws. The questioning goes on and on until Mickey and Minnie finally show up downstairs.

In Alpena, Jered, Dana and Maxwell talk about what to do next, and they come to the conclusion that they should be in Saginaw as well. Dana goes off to the Holiday Inn to pack, and gets a phone message from Nakir, and from the local district attorney's office. On the way out, she's stopped by Nakir, who was waiting for her in the parking lot. They banter about a bit, and Dana leaves, feeling all good inside. Jered goes home, gets some information on a phone message from Yoshiko about where people will be arriving and at what time. He calls Claire and tells her to take some time off. Everyone comes back to Maxwell's house. Maxwell drives himself, while Dana drives Jered. Dana plays classical, but it's made clear it is NOT Vivaldi.

Mickey and Minnie arrive and cause a ruckus. Vanessa goes out to meet them. There are some threats, and everyone gathers up in the foreman's office. Minnie makes some cooing like noises over Daimon, and Star doesn't seem to apprecate it too much. Basically what it comes down to, Malcolm wants a trade. He'll get the computer database that Daimon mentioned with all the members in it, and he'll let everyone go their merry way. Eventually, Malcolm convinces people this is the best way to go. They go downstairs, and Mickey contacts some guy named Marcus who is obviously a plot hook, and gets him to move it somewhere they can download it. It gets downloaded, and stuck on disks. Malcolm goes over to the Tether and sends it up to heaven to Gabriel. One can LITERALLY hear the wheels and machinations of plot move at this point, as Malcolm gets Infocom-like experience points for this.

There's some talk, and Malcolm finally lets people go up at the corner store. Before Malcolm has even left, Daimon finally gets to a pay phone, and calls in the cavalry.

Jered, Dana, and Maxwell get to Saginaw, go to the mill, where Vanessa is pissed. She's really had enough of Celestials coming in and out of her Tether today, and she tells them so. So, they take off to find Malcolm. Luckily, Malcolm is on his way BACK, and they meet him half way. They go back to the mill, stand around in the parking lot, and chat about everything for a while.

At the corner store, Daimon hangs up phone, a little shaken. Star is really upset and teary-eyed about just about everything. They talk for a while, part of which is Daimon insisting they go to Caro, and don't worry, Star will definitely be safe there. They talk about Eli. Minnie and Mickey wait. Then Daimon cons Minnie into springing for some rooms at the Holiday Inn for all of them, since Daimon's wallet, along with his entire backpack, is still at Maxwell's. Star and Daimon climb on the motorcycles. Everyone sighs a heave of relief, thinking they'll all finally get a break and be able to evaluate what is going on.

After using some magic Cherubim resonances, Jered, Dana, Maxwell and Malcolm go to the other Holiday Inn in Saginaw. There they talk some more and get settled. Malcolm and Maxwell scout out the other Holiday Inn, plan the next day, and theorize for a while.

Dana, in the mean time, gets a phone call from the Inquisitor. She gives up some information and does a little betrayal, making a mental note that she's really getting sick of these people.

Star and Daimon have a real good time with each other. They do some talking, and send Minnie and Mickey out to Meijer's to get them fresh clothing.

The next morning Jered, Dana, Maxwell and Malcolm go to collect Daimon and Star for Seraphim Council. When they get there, the Inquisitors waiting in their limo. They get out, and accompany Dana, Maxwell, and Malcolm upstairs to collect Daimon and Star, explaining they are here, representing Dominic. Everyone goes upstairs, two Inquisitors bearing sub-machine guns, and break in door. Daimon and Star scramble to get their clothing. The Inquisitor pronounces that they are heretics and announces they are under arrest. Malcolm protests, and the Inquisitor informs him that he too is a Heretic, and they will enjoy dealing with him. The guys with the guns herds everyone out the door.

Jered outside is really suspicious, and calls in the backup. Yoshiko tells him she knows nothing about this, and that something will be done. Then Jered disables some vehicles.

The Inquisitors force people out the door towards the cars. Half way out the door, one Inquisitor, a tall skinny nervous guy, is shot in the back by Mickey.

As more limos approach in the distance, gun fire rings out and mayhem insues.

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