Session 38: Building Madison

Two days before, Dana and Dylan are in a bed and breakfast in Delaware, discussing giving Dylan a role. Dana wants to get Dylan into politics or… something… because she’s trying to figure out a way to work Dylan into the world. Dylan is, again, uncommitted. Dana contemplates Roles. Dylan isn’t sure what he wants to be, other then himself. They decide they need to schmooze. They wait the night. Dana decides to go to the Town Hall to see if there’s anyone there… if there’s any police or anything.

When she walks up to the town hall, it’s tiny room, a converted Real Estate office. It’s closed. Leaning against the door jam is a man who smells of blood and ashes… the Archangel Michael, who has come to have a small discussion with Dana about supporting her Word. He takes her over to a nearby diner. They sit and have a little "talk" about supporting Words. Michael says that he’d rather not see Dana get smeared by Baal when Baal digs up some free time – and he will, eventually, come. He says he’ll assign a few servitors to her to "watch over her" when they get off duty. Then he tells them about Laurence’s project up in Rhode Island. After Michael leaves, they decide to go up there.

"We’ve been on our current assignment for like, a day. Yeah, it’s time to move on!" - Dylan

Leah, when handing out the beers, is resonating on people. She finds a kid named Steven who is very big into firing guns and fighting the fight and being cool. He also was going to a trade school for culinary arts, so he can use knives. Blitzen is going through the crowd, meeting people, shaking their hands. Blitzen runs into a nice Methodist woman with a nice flowered hat.

"Beer has +3 Charisma." - Leah

Sephar warns that El-Bezek is about to turn on the lights to Blitzen. Blitzen runs into the school to start setting up the PA system, and he drags along Dr. Winters. Leah wanders in afterwards, slowly. Leah also randomly chooses the last name of Bismark. And then El-Bezek throws on the electricity, and the cheers go out. Blitzen said something over the PA but it got drowned out as the lights went on.

Maxwell ends up bending something around the door to lock it. Then El-Bezek, Maxwell and bird-Sephar start walking back to the downtown area.

Dana and Dylan ride into town, because they’re impossible to miss on their motorcycles. They drive in just as the power goes on. After much revelry, people talk….

Maxwell shows. People shake Maxwell’s hand and call him Reverend Maxwell. He sneaks off with El-Bezek to deal with the salination plant.

"Who better to lead the spiritual revolution then the agnostic?" - Dylan

Blitzen sees Dr. Winters home, and furnishes her with a shotgun.

Blitzen and Leah meet up with Dana and Dylan, and they explain about Atlantic City.

Leah wanders off into the woods to find the Stonie Sociologist and the bull.

Blitzen talks to Dana about what she needs. And then they go over to the police station, where the power has come back on. Two Malakim of Stone, Eben-ezer and Ishpah, are standing guard. Eben-ezer looks in disbelief at the so-called Archangel of Judgment. He doesn’t believer it. Blitzen explains the situation at the gas station, and how they acquired Elise, and the story of the town, and building it up.

Maxwell and El-Bezek finish with the Salination plant, and goes off to find Telem, who was talking to some of the humans. They talk about Being a Reverend. Then Maxwell goes off to the water tower, and things seem to be working. No major damage. Then Maxwell goes off to guard the town - alone!

[Malakite of Jordi - Emims]

Leah locates Emims in the woods, and she’s dragging Steve the Enthusiastic Human along with him. The talking wolf knocks Steve off his game a bit. Leah explains that she needs to track down Penninah who was sent to find a bull, and never returned. They track down the bull, and Penninah in a staring contest. Emims sighs and herds the bull toward the town. Penninah tells Leah about finding evidence of the firebug, and then insists that Leah needs some new, good, solid Stone values, because Stone will be rising again any day now!

And then they run into Maxwell, and Maxwell yells at him for the lack of security force. Leah sends Steve off to bed, and thinks about going back out to look for the firebug.

At dawn, Leah approaches Dylan. Leah discusses her cool and interesting idea for her security force.

"Are you sure a small town of five hundred thirty-seven people really needs a security force based on the Massad?" - Dylan

"Look, they overruled me on the moat…" - Leah

Blitzen drives people out by attempting to concoct breakfast in the morning. This is quasi successful, and people do indeed come out of their houses. He gets Maxwell involved in this. He goes off to find a Bible and pours over it so that he can learn useful verses.

Blitzen recites religious scripture over breakfast. This doesn’t go over well, until he goes into a rousing rendition of the Book of Genesis.

Steve is telling all his friends that Leah speaks to wolves. This starts to get around. Leah starts thinking it’s wiser to make herself scarce. Leah recruits some of Steve’s friends: Matt and Luke. So her security force is growing… slowly. And Dylan is not so keen about it.

Dana talks to a man called John Cranston on the street, who isn’t cool on this whole preaching thing.

And so Blitzen ends his sermon and gets some of the fishermen together to go clear out the hatchery, which is filled with dead fish. Luckily dead fish can be used for fertilizer.

Maxwell locates Blitzen and they talk about going off to find guns. Then Maxwell locates Dana, as she finishes talking to people on the street. Maxwell wants to know what she’s going to do with Elise in the jail.

In the middle of town, Leah and Blitzen do a fighting and martial arts demonstration that is supposed to end in a draw, and then they go back to cleaning out the hatchery.

Dylan goes up to the radio station. It used to be WYSX 102.6 FM, and there’s a tape in the machine broadcasting on loop the last bits of news before the Armageddon. Dylan easily locates manuals. He settles in to study.

"You guys can talk about anything you want, as long as it’s not blasphemy." - Maxwell

Dana and Maxwell walk into the jail, and Dana gets introduced to two new Stonies. Maxwell runs off and fetches Elise some breakfast. Dana tries to use an attunement to get Elise to confess all her crimes, but it seems the human is very strong of will. Ooops. So Dana and Maxwell have to have a conference. And then Dana tries to talk to Elise, but doesn’t get much. Then Dana and Maxwell talk again.

Dana taps into the laws of the community, and realizes that the community would not be against the death penalty after a trial. But Dana attempts to decide on if this is a good course of action at the current time, which might, in fact, be a trial.

Maxwell goes and finds Penninah so that he can hit him with some Sword propoganda.

Dylan rides back into town with an armload of radio books.

Blitzen finishes cleaning out the hatchery.

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