Session 36: Trying to get the plans in motion

"Luckily they were elderly and feeble." - Maxwell

Maxwell is in the infirmary trying to gather some information, where he heals some people and convinces a few that heís causing miracles. (Pre-session) He comes out and discusses what heís learned Dr. Winters with Blitzen. They discuss some of the problems they face and some of the options they could be dealing with. Blitzen pings for the nearest armory, and itís about 20m away in the direction of Newport. Leah is off building fortificationsÖ. All session. Maxwell explains that he canít continuously heal people all day long since heíll run out of essence, as wacky as that would be. Blitzen suggests that he opens the church and starts a little faith. Maxwell suggests holding a public dinner to get people together to see each other. Blitzen claims that itís a second priority task, and that they should start working on more important tasks. Blitzen pings his resonance for a gas station with some gas in it, and itís 3 miles down the road in the next town over, Wheatley.

Dylan is in Heaven, but he suddenly remembers that he needs to go visit Dana. So he goes. Dana is in an old country home like room in a Bed and Breakfast in Delaware. So Dylan confesses that he went to Hell to Dana. He recants a lot of what he saw. They try to decide what to do, and Dana claims that she needs a plot or a plan next. Dana tries to prod Dylan along - where does he see himself in the big scheme of things?

They go out of the Bed and Breakfast and there are two motorcycles, one with a plate of JUSTICE, the other with the plate of DYLAN. On Danaís keychain there is a note: "Happy Early Merry Christmas! This never needs gas. - Eli." Thereís a nice big compartment on each motorcycle, and they give a Driving/1 to the rider.

Dana pings her resonance on Daimon, and gets the hit - back out to the dock. Heís out there talking to someone and now thereís a boat out there. Dana goes out to tell him goodbye, but heís disoriented and wondering how Archangels, who are immortal, can ever go away forever Ė let alone Dana, who canít seem to manage an hour. But Dana extracts herself, and Dana and Dylan go back to their motorcycles. Dana checks out of the Bed and Breakfast. Discuss what they want to do.

"If youíre starving, youíll eat cod." - Maxwell

"Consider the summoming up a cubic foot of Spaghetti-Oís." - Em

Game Not: Hospital (St. Johnís Mercy) services the entire county in which Madison, RI sits. About 10 miles away.

Blitzen goes to talk to Dr. Winters. They go off into another room to discuss faith and the struggle between Heaven and Hell. He demonstrates some of his tricks to her and explains his mission and purpose behind his mission. She seems to accept this in stride. He explains that Maxwell has thought about opening up the church. She says she would rather them not cause any more miracles in public. She tells Blitzen that thereís a pick up truck that was being used for hauling before it ran out of gas down by the docks.

"Nothing stops Armageddon like killing your priest." - Allen

"He bitch slapped Novalis because it was hard core." -Susan

Maxwell finds the Stonies: Heber - Malakite, Telem - Cherub, and Eliam - Mercurian. Poking around downtown. Eliam is an architect, Heber a farmer, and Telem was chosen for his motivational speaking skills. The general problem with getting Malakim on the topic of farming and mining is that they donít seem to stop talking about farming and mining. Blitzen and Eliam have a conversation about Being Mercurian, and what it comes down to is this: "Weíre sent here to be Friends of Man, weíre not sent down here to coddle them." Blitzen sees this as an amazing epiphany, like itís a new and amazing revelation. Blitzen and Maxwell talks.

Dana and Dylan want to go exploring. They decide to head west, in the direction of Pennsylvania. Dana discusses cute roles. "We could be married. Wouldnít that be cute?" They try to decide what they want to do. An hour out of town, they run into an angry lynching mob on the road. There is a man on a box, several armed men with shotguns, and an angry crowd screaming for blood. Dylan resonates on the man on the box and the man about to be hung. The man on the box believes he is a Judge, and the voice of God. The man about to hang believes, well, heís about to hang. There are about 50 people total in the mob, and theyíre chanting and there for a good hanginí.

Dana says "What is this manís crime?" But this does nothing Ė the crowd ignores the interloper. Dana decides to teleport the man being hung over to her. She dumps four essence into the song. The man teleports to her, and the man on the box points at them and yells, "SATAN!" Clearly, the arrivals are the force of evil coming to liberate their demonic friend. The angry mob turns upon them. Guns fire at - and into - Dana. The crowd begins to turn on them, throwing rocks. Dana sings a song of celestial light into the crowd, and blinds people, who stumble back. The man on the box goads them into killing. Kill the criminals! Dylan uses his ethereal song of tongues. He sends into someoneís mind, "My son, this is God. Your leader is wrong. He is a tool of Satan." Dylanís new convert turns to the leader, and fires right into his leaderís stomach. Dana takes a few more shots as she finishes getting the guy on the bike.

"I follow her, after God thanks the guy." - Dylan

Dana is driving and bleeding. Once they are out of range, they pull over. They get the guy dropped off the ground, and they ran into Raphael, who was sent (for various sundry reasons offscreen) to "discuss" what happened with them. Raphael looks at them, making a comment about it being a "particularly unSuperioresque performance" and asks: what if the lynch mob was in the right. But this went off to a rough start, it turns out the victim was one of Raphaelís servitors, and Dana dismissed him and drove off.

Maxwell, Blitzen and the three Stonies get to the truck - which is green. Thereís a gas can in the truck. They head out of town on foot carrying the can, and reckon with Leahís people, who are doing a survey of the town. They walk to the next town. They get to the gas station on the outside of the town, Wheatley. Someone shot the S off the sign for the SHELL station. There are men walking around the rooftops, at points, around the perimeter, waiting to kill anyone who wants to get their gas. Blitzen is 20 yards ahead of Maxwell. Maxwell then cranks up his stealth like a madman. Blitzen gets up to the building, and one of the guards spots him. Blitzen makes him obsess about God. And yeah, the guy on the roof, too. A woman walks out of the small building, and he makes her obsess about God as well. This doesnít stop her from squeezing off a shot. Blitzen starts to fast talk his way past the guards. Blitzen ends up making everyone obsess about God. Someone tries to squeeze off a shot at Maxwell and Maxwell cuts right through the gun with Soulpiercer. The woman tells them to just shoot them already. So Blitzen reaches out and breaks her arm. This causes the bandits to start to shoot spastically. Maxwell attacks a weapon and breaks a weapon. The guy starts screaming "What the fuck is going on, man! What the fuck is going on!" They fire into Maxwell and Blitzen, who are too keen to take much damage. Maxwell cuts through another weapon. Blitzen burns the last guy with his flaming hands. Thereís all kinds of disturbance in the Symphony. Faboosh. Symphony is screaming with dissonance. When all starts to calm down, Blitzen has a conversation with the woman with the broken arm. Maxwell takes a prisoner of the guy on the roof. There are five drivable cars here. They fill the tanks, and fill several cans, and discuss what to do next.

Dana and Dylan are now heading East, deciding where to go. They decide to cut down to I-9, and head toward Atlantic City. Atlantic City is the hole it always is, with this pushing feeling in the air as the Symphony is trying to plunge new tethers down to Hell. On one side of the street are run down shanties and homeless and people starving in the streets. The homeless are emaciated and disease ridden. On the other side are glitzy amazing casinos filled with throngs of human beings. As Dana attempts to figure out the rules and laws of the area, and she learns of the despotic governorship which is ruling from the penthouse suite of the Trump Taj Mahal. There are actually people here in the casinos, actually packing the places, coming and flocking to the den of sin. Dana and Dylan decide that Atlantic City is too difficult of an area to conquer yet. They plot a new route so they start heading the way they came.

Now night is starting to fall, and itís getting darker. They get to the first of the trade towns which is in the set that Daimon is in. Dana is bleeding, and now clotting, all over the place. Dana wants to settle down for the night to practice making vessels for a while. They pay for a room with another several cans of Spaghetti-Oís. Dana realizes that she needs to do something with the badly made vesselsÖ. They hide in the woods and do this for a while.

The Mercurian of Stone gets a resonance on everyone there, and the woman was the leader. These were nearby factory workers. The food that is left is basically Hostess - twinkies and ho-hos and stuff. Blitzen takes the woman to the woods where they were burying bodies and showing her what she had done. Maxwell makes a survey: It turns out that there was only about 120 gallons left in the entire gas station - which really isnít very much. They debate what to take and how to truck stuff back to town. Blitzen interrogates the woman, but he gets nowhere with her.




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