Chaos, Collectable Card Games, and an Opening Band

You say "You had just gotten done talking to Terry, and you are standing at the side of his pool, where it is relatively quiet except for the little man who keeps insisting you need a martini. It's the middle of the night here in California, but there are no stars. Smoke from LA dominates the sky - what is happening there is a whole mystery. With you is Daimon and Dedan, your two Bright Lilim. And you've just been offered 'back stage passes' and a makeup job. Although Terry swears he'll forget he ever knew any of you."

Dana looks over at Dedan. "What next? Equipment? Tactics?"

The little man asks again, "Martini Ladies? Master? Master? Very dry gin, this is."

Dylan says "No thanks, I like my drinks *wet*."

Dana takes a martini. "Now go away."

Dylan says "Do we have any kind of handy way of getting my map back from Jean?"

Dedan looks to be unhappy to be at the House of a Balseraph. "We need to to get going quickly. And we need a way to get out of Hell - and many people out of Hell - equally as quickly. Equipment? If we went to the Halls of Lightning, we might be able to swipe something. But we'd have to move _now_. It would do us no good if the prisoners end up dead."

Dana says "I've got an idea how to get us out, but I'd like to consult with Jean before planning too much more."

Daimon nods, but he looks distracted.

Dedan says, "At least telling Jean is wise, in case we are never seen again."

Dana nods at Dedan. "He can tell us if we're forgetting something obvious. I believe the doors of the Halls of Lightning are no longer barred, so we should be able to walk in."

Dedan says, "Tether?",p> The little man is back, with another martini. He's pestering Dylan. "Master? Drink master? This is wetter gin. Look, it's liquid!"

Dana turns to Daimon. "Where did we go before? UCLA? How long would it take to get there?"

Dylan ignores the little man.

Daimon ponders the directions, the wind speed, his navel, and african swallows, before he says, "10 minutes, maybe. It's the middle of the night, and while there is traffic, it won't be bad."

The little man continues to pester Dylan. "Master? Martini? Daiquari? Pina Colada?"

Dana sets down the martini glass, which has remained unsipped, and steps over to Daimon. "Okay. Is that fast enough for you, Dedan? We could always follow Daimon and Dylan up."

Dedan considers, and says, "I'm not ascending from the house of a Balseraph. Hell's time moves in mysterious ways, I'd prefer us to be whole and safe before we descend to the Pit. Let's take the tether."

Dana nods, and puts her arm around Daimon. "Anyone know where we can get a vehicle?"

Daimon says, "Terry. I'll, uh, I'll go talk to him. I'll try to ignore him to the best of my ability."

Dedan wrinkles her nose. "Balseraph."

Dana frowns slightly. "He'll have us followed. Call a cab? Borrow a news van?"

Daimon looks at Dylan. "Steal a news van?"

Dylan says "Promise to take a camera crew with us, and then tie them up and gag them?"

Dedan gives Dylan a level stare. "And why would we do that? We don't Need to do that."

Dana says "Let's just find one."

Dedan doesn't seem entirely keen on this unlawful, unjust, and nebulously Windy of all things course of action. Daimon is already off looking for a truck.

Dylan has been nostalgic for Windyness of late, and so goes along with it easily.

Dana says "Dedan, come on. Do you need to move on this or not?"

Dedan says "This is optimal. It's not lawful, but they _are_ demons. Let's just move. And not think too hard about it."

Dana follows The Attuned One wherever he may go, and drags along Dedan and Dylan.

In front of the mansion, surrounded by people not paying much attention and milling, is a whole cabal of news vans.

Dana says "We'll take the farthest one out. Daimon, does Terry's driveway have a gate? I don't remember."

Daimon says "No gate. That would stop the flow of adoring fans to worship at his feet."

Dana says "Makes sense. If there are keys, Dedan or I will drive out, nice and sane. If not, I hope one of you two can hotwire."

The farthest one out has someone sitting in the driver's seat, not paying attention, with headphones on.

Dana says "I'll go up and distract?"

Dedan nods. "Seems reasonable, although no one is paying attention."

Dana points behind a nearby van. "I'd rather not use violence unless necessary. Stay here."

Daimon is already sneaking through the crowd. Sneak sneak sneak *wump*. And someone says, "Hey, aren't you that Dai-" "Yeah, I'm that guy. 'Squeeze me."

<> Dana says "What crowd?"

<> GM says "There are people milling about."

<> GM says "Just like when you came in."

<> Dana says "How far are they from the vans?"

<> GM says "Near to the house. Not all that close to the vans."

<> Dana says "But we have to go through the crowd to get to the vans, yes?"

<> GM says "Yes. Or you can make a huge loop around them."

Dana drags whoever is not already doing so through the crowd, staring at the ground trying to look grumpy.

Dylan gets dragged.

The angels passing through the crowd are well ignored, except for the occasional jossle, by the people busily recording up to the minute coverage on the biggest story of their lives - Armageddon.

The van is reached without a hassle.

Dana listens a bit to the coverage as we walk through.

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 2 6 CHECK: 4.

<> Dana says "Unless it was a small crowd. :^)"

The guy in the van bops away to the music on his headphones, utterly oblivious to people macking on his truck.

<> GM says "It is a small crowd!"

Dana makes a 'stay back' motion to the angels, and walks up to the van.

<> Dana says "...and cuddles her fasttalk."

The guy is still Capt. Oblivious. Bop bop bop shu-bop.

Dana raps loudly on the door, sneering at the guy.

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 1 5 CHECK: 6.

The guy starts! And peers at Dana. He pulls off his headphones, leans over, and rolls down the window. "Yah? We're all outta snickers bars, Milwalkee's Best, Armageddon t-shirts and those hats that hold the two cans and have straws. Try the next van, lady."

Dana glares at the guy. "I don't give a fuck. Someone wants you inside."

In the background someone is going, "Hey man, can I have your autograph..."

<> Dana rolls the d666 and gets 1 3 CHECK: 2.

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 3 3 CHECK: 5.

The guy says "Yah? Who?"

Dana says "Terry. You gonna go or you gonna sit here and wait for me to drag you?"

<> GM says "Roll it again."

<> Dana rolls the d666 and gets 6 6 CHECK: 3.

<> Sephar says "Ow."

<> Dana says "still succeeds."

The guy says "You look pretty skinny to me, lady."

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 6 2 CHECK: 1.

The guy starts getting out of the news van anyway.

<> Dana says "The window is still rolled down, yes."

<> GM says "Yup."

Dana glares at the guy some more. "Come on. I haven't got all fucking day."

The guy climbs all the way out. "Okay, okay, I'm moving. You don't have to be so goddamn pushy. It's not like the world is coming to an end."

Dana waits for the guy to get all the way out of the van. "Oh, aren't you just clever."

The guy says "Damn straight I am." Then he starts moving in the direction of the house.

Dana glances into the van to see if he left the keys.

No keys.

<> Dana says "That's okay. I have faith in my Creationer pals to know how to do this sort of thing."

<> Dylan says ""Do I know how to hotwire?"

<> GM says "That's alot of faith you have there."

<> Dana says "It is!"

<> GM says "Dylan do you have electronics, escape, lock picking, or um, anything else cool?"

<> Dana says "Is the guy just walking, or is he waiting for me? I'll follow a couple of steps to see if he waits for me to join him.",p> <> Dylan says ""Lock picking. Escape. Driving. operation. And hell, I was a Windy for 900+ years..."

<> GM says "You can hotwire in under 15 seconds, my man."

<> GM says "The guy is just walking. Sauntering. Moving."

Dylan will attempt to hotwire the van, assuming no objections from Dana.

Dylan finds the ground. He finds the starter wires. He pulls the glob out by the steering column, rips a wire apart, sticks the ends together, and _varoom_ the news van starts.

Dylan smiles proudly.

The van idles.

Dylan says "Milady, your carriage awaits."

Dana meanders back to the van and gets in, assuming the guy doesn't turn around and follow.

Dana is quickly followed by a disapproving Dedan. It takes a moment from Daimon to scrape off the fans who are demanding autographs to get in after her. But a minute or so after the hotwire, and everyone is in the van.

Dylan offers to drive.

Dana takes the wheel.

Dylan figured she would.

Dana says "No."

Dana makes it a point to follow traffic laws very very carefully, especially now.

Dana makes sure everyone is wearing seatbelts before driving off.

There is almost no traffic going _in_ to LA. Going out.... it's jammed for miles and miles. Ahead, the city looks like it's on fire.

Dylan softly sings "Born to be Wild".

Dana says "Hmm. Does this look like a bad idea to anyone else?"

>From the back, Daimon says "Dude! Armageddon t-shirts! Hey, Dylan, you wanna t-shirt? They're bright orange and say 'I lived through the Wrath of God'."

Dedan simply answers Dana with, "Yes."

Dylan would take a T-shirt, except it wouldn't match the rest of his look.

Dana looks at Dedan briefly. "Any other ideas?"

Dedan says "No."

There is no traffic ahead.

Dana keeps driving. "If we run into anything bad, the Creationers can ascend and we'll follow. We can go to the Halls that way. Okay?"

Dedan nods her head. "Fine."

Daimon pulls off his tie dye t-shirt and replaces it with a bright orange one.

Dana looks into the rear view mirror to see the people in the back. "Did the Creationer contingent get that?"

Dedan says, "Pull over to the side of the road."

Dylan says "Got it."

Dylan looks out the window. "Memo to self: when world ends, avoid freeway."

Dana blinks at Dedan, and pulls over to a safeish-looking place.

Dedan turns to the Creationers. "Ascend. We will follow you."

<> GM says "So she changed her mind."

<> Dana says "But I said that BEFORE!!!"

<> Demiurge says "She's just a poor distraught fraught Bright Lilim. Be kind to her."

Dylan blinks. "Did we run into something bad?"

Dana says "Just go, Dylan."

Dana says "Everyone have enough Essence?"

<> Dedan kicks Demiurge in the butt.

<> Demiurge owie.

<> Shannen huggles Demiurge "Be nice :P"

Dylan has all the Essence he can hold at the moment.

<> Dana says "Must be nice..."

Daimon also has essence. "Sheesh. Man, demanding."

Dana smiles at Daimon. "You first. Dedan follows, then Dylan, then me."

Daimon undoes his seat belt, and ascends to his heart in a puff of essence.

Dedan swiftly follows.

Dylan ascends.

Dana ascends.

<> Dylan says ""What was the Essence cost for ascending again?"

The Halls of Creation looks remarkable like.... the Halls of Creation.

<> GM says "2."

Dana says "Anyone on good terms with Lightning?"

Dylan says "Well, I'm not on *bad* terms with them..."

Dylan looks for somebody who looks like s/he knows what s/he is doing.

Dana says "Close enough" and starts walking to leave as if she knows where she is going.

There are several beings around. Of course, they are Creationers, so they may be deliberately not knowing what they are doing. One Elohite over... yonder is wandering around with a blindfold and attempting to grok the optimality of the floor.

Dylan says "Eenie meanie miney moe..."

Dedan naturally follows Dana.

Dana doesn't pay much attention, and tries to herd her two Creationers out the door.

Dylan heads out.

Daimon gets herded. "Hey, there's a guy over there, and he's checking out the floor. Hey! Come on now..."

Dana speaks softly to Daimon. "I'm sorry. You know how important this is to Dedan."

Daimon nods. "I know, I know. I'm just easily distracted."

<> Demiurge presents Dana with a set of collars and leads.

<> Shannen mmms..collars..

Dana takes Daimon's hand and smiles. "Come on."

Dedan just crosses her arms, and follows out, purposefully, whispy aura wings trailing behind.

<> Dana says "Mmm. Attuned Ones. Very cute Attuned Ones. Wanna"

Getting out of the Halls of Creation and going to the Halls of Technology is an amazingly easy task. No fallen Superiors accost anyone. There are no hordes of crazed Stonies. There is nothing being burnt down. It's pretty peaceful.

Inside the door the quad of D's pass through into the Halls of Technology, there is the regular desk, and Seraph secretary, and an amazingly cute Kyriotate.

<> Dana says "Ah! An amazingly cute Kyriotate!!!"

<> Dylan says "Is the Kyrio performing any obvious function besides cuteness?"

<> Shannen grins.

<> Sephar blushes cheerfully.

Dana walks up to the secretary. Does s/he look busy?

Sephar crosses the lobby thoughtfully, silver cloud floating quietly along.

The secretary always looks busy. The secretary makes a point of looking busy. Efficincy is key. Efficincy is - er, for the Elohites, but this helps.

The secretary also looks up at Dana and says, "Yes? What do you want?"

Dana says "A short meeting with the Archangel of Lightning. We would like to ask his advice."

Dana figures there's no point in beating around the bush. :^)

The secretary blinks, and types a few things on her keyboard with special Seraph appendages. "And you are....?"

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 6 6 CHECK: 6.

<> Sephar says "AGH!"

<> Dana says "Whoa."

<> Demiurge says "Good thing you're in Heaven!"

<> Dylan says "D'oh!"

<> GM says "Well, she has NO idea who you are or WHY you are here."

<> arcangel really hopes that HW Heaven doesn't do II

<> GM says "And she won't ever know."

<> Demiurge too.

<> Dana pets the dice. Good time to get it out of its system.

Dana says "Torquaret, Cherub of Judgement. This is Dylan and Daimonique. The three of us have been here recently. Dedan here was not."

The Seraph blinks, coughs, and says, "I'm so sorry. The Archangel of Lightning is ... ah... um... washing his hair. He can't see you."

The Seraph blinks crosseyed at her screen.

Dana blinks at the Seraph. "Excuse me?"

Dylan does not often hear that excuse from Seraphim.

<> Demiurge suspects Raphael of getting at Jean's network.

Sephar blinks many eyes at the Seraph.

<> Shannen cackles.

The Seraph says with the sense of purpose of one wired into the Truth. "He's washing his hair. It says so right on my screen."

Sephar keeps rolling along, though entirely startled by that statement from a Seraph.

The Seraph waves to Sephar. "Excuse me, there. Can you come here for a moment?"

Dana blinks again. "Washing his hair. Does this happen frequently? We would prefer his insight if at all possible."

Sephar says "Certainly."

Sephar rolls over to the Seraph cheerfully.

The Seraph blinks. "I don't... ah.... Sephar! Can you read this screen?"

Sephar says "I didn't think the Boss *had* hair."

Sephar peers at the screen.

The screen does indeed say, on Jean's calendar, "Washing Hair". The next hour has been blocked out.

Sephar says "Wow."

<> Shannen grins.

Sephar says "That's what it says, okay. Hair washing."

<> Dana just laughs out loud.

<> Demiurge says "Raphael got at it. Definitely."

<> GM says "Mebbe."

Sephar says "For the next hour."

<> arcangel says "Whose hair is he washing, though?"

The Seraph blinks at Sephar.

Sephar hms, "I wonder if he's washing someone else's hair?"

<> GM says "THAT is the question!"

<> Sephar thought that, arcangel! Man.

<> Dana imagines Jean with a bunch of wigs.

<> Demiurge | Michael sighs. "It's the only way to get the stone grit out. Scrub harder."

<> Demiurge scrubs her brain. Ow.

<> Dana says "No! Demi, I like your brain just the way it is. :^)"

Sephar peers bemusedly at the screen.

Dana stands and waits patiently.

The Seraph picks up the phone, and speaks into it. "Ah, is the Boss washing his - ah, someone got into the system. Yes. I'm to send them right up. Of course." She hangs up the phone. "Sephar, could you escort our guests up to the Testing Bay Gamma in laboratory 16 please?"

Sephar says "Sure."

The Seraph says "Thank you."

Dana says "Thanks!"

Sephar perks up considerably. "Keen. The testing bays..."

Dedan looks incredulous. Daimon looks happy, though. Cool stuff is _cool_, because Stuff _rocks_.

Dana smiles and follows Sephar. "That was weird."

Sephar rolls on out to the named Bays, "It was. I wonder what got into the system."

Dylan follows along.

Dana reaches out a hand to the Kyrio. "I'm Torquaret, but you can call me Dana. It's shorter."

<> Dana says "Or paw."

Sephar shakes Dana's hand with a slender, female hand, "I'm Sephar, it's pretty short to begin with. Dana's pretty."

<> Sephar says "Or paw. "

Dana smiles at Sephar, and keeps following. "Thanks. That's nice of you."

Dylan extends his hand as well. "Abdijamin. Or Dylan, to friends, enemies, and everyone else."

<> Somewhere in Heaven, Raphael walks away from a terminal, another good deed done. :)

Sephar shakes Dylan's hand with a fairly solid hand on his side, and bobs a bit of cloud at the introduction.

Sephar says "You folks must be into some fairly heavy stuff to get a look-see at the mecha tests."

Dana blinks again. "Mecha tests?"

Sepharcloud bobs mildly, "That's where you're going, I think."

Sephar says "Beautiful setups those."

Dana looks confused. "What's a mecha test?"

Sephar says is reverently.

The Testing Bays are enormous. And amazingly safe! There are doors to labs lining the walls, and lines of workbenches. Angels move too and fro.

Dana mmms. Safe. Nice, safe Attuned One.

Sephar beams at entering the Bays, "You'll get to see, Dana." and leads the way to the Gamma bay.

Sephar peers a bit at the lab numbers to find 16, first, and then deeper in to the Bay.

The Gamma bay is where the Mecha from the battles in the Marches were returned. There are large screens and whiteboards filled with data, and angels walk around, making notes, talking about their next tests. Lab 16's door is standing open.

Dana sounds curious. "Wow. Okay." She looks around at all the stuff.

The place is filled with Stuff.

Daimon says "Oh wow... _stuff_."

Dylan considers messing with the data on the whiteboards, but decides against.

Sephar floats about happily, with all the Stuff.

Dedan looks with the eye of someone who wants to get a move-on.

<> Dylan says "Has she ever looked any other way?"

Dana smiles the contented smile of a Cherub with a happy Attuned One, and follows Sephar.

Sephar wanders into Lab 16's open door.

Inside lab 16 is Jean - who is not, in fact, washing his hair. He is looking at a newly digitized version of Dylan's map, and on the table is an interesting device.

Dana follows, gently dragging the Attuned One along.

Dylan looks at the interesting device.

Sephar blinks, "Oh, hi, Sir. Here are some people that need to see you and ask your advice."

Jean turns to the angels who enter. "Ah yes, I was expecting you, as there was a 95.7% chance that you four would arrive here in the Halls of Technology. Therefore, I have prepared for your arrival, as you can see. Welcome, Sephar."

Sephar rolls a Kyriotate bow and meanders behind the incoming group, to let them have his Boss' attention.

Dana nods at Jean. "Thank you for giving us your time."

<> Dana says "Jean is just SO cool."

Jean says "My calculations show an increased probability of your urgent need to descend into Hell with your arrival, so I have prepared for this eventuality. The map provided before has been updated and rerendered in real time three dimensions for optimal navigational ability. I have also provided one of our new Bridgestones."

Dana says "How accurate is the map?"

<> Sephar nods at Dana, "Wow. He is."

<> Dana could work for Lightning. Yeah.

Jean says "We are not able to keep it to the second, unfortunately, but the current map is accurate to within the hour, and will continue to download updates for you on regular intervals as long as the device stays intact. We have perfected the tunnelling protocol between realms which provideds for this, so it should be highly reliable."

Dana nods. "Amazing. What does the device do?"

Jean says "Ah yes. This is a highly modified Bridgestone. It is designed to activate a certain set of Songs which will work as a sort of 'portable tether' if you will. Since you are no doubt getting captives out of Hell, it is suboptimal to force them to follow you back out, as you will have no demons in your party. Therefore you place the Bridgestone on the floor, press the button, and wait. It's been fault tested for reliability."

<> Sephar admires.

<> Dylan notes that Jean is Da Bomb.

Daimon says "Wow, cool."

Dana says "Interesting. Though getting in is seems more of an issue than getting out, from my perspective."

Dylan says "I had a REALLY easy time getting in once, but it's not something I'd care to repeat..."

Dana says "Dominic knows we are coming this time, and can see into my and Dedan's Hearts."

Jean says "It folds down. Observe." He presses a red button, and the entire contraption folds down on itself until it is about the size of a pager. "As for getting in, I am afraid I cannot provide you adequate assistance is actually descending. On the other hand, I do have something else...."

Jean whips out a few more devices, the size of small Star Trek badges and places them on the table. "These will help to disguise your true natures. You will not be entirely Masked, but it will help with the illusion. Those who wish to see demons, well, will. They also work as translators for Helltongue. But clothing and additions to your disguises you will need to provide yourselves."

<> Demiurge says "Gotta love Jean."

<> GM does!

<> arcangel adores Jean. Wants to swoon at his feet.

<> GM says "No swooning at Jean's feet! It's not optimal."

Dana nods. "Is there any way to keep Dominic from seeing through our Hearts? There's no point in sneaking in if he can see where we are."

<> GM says "If you need to rest, please, use one of the properly contoured beds which are best for your spine."

Jean ponders.

Jean says "I can do nothing about your Hearts directly, unless you are in my direct service temporarily."

<> Dana swoons at Jean's feet anyway.

<> GM says "The floor is not optimal for resting."

<> Dana says "It's nice and comfy here at Jean's feet."

Dana looks at Dedan.

Dedan looks... impassive, and then looks back at Dana.

Jean says, as he turns to putz away at something else on the whiteboard behind him, "It is the optimal solution for your current problem. I would, of course, release you from service should a more proper Superior arise. It is not practical to keep unhappy angels from going where they would work most efficently."

Demiurge pages: What a good thing Jean's not a Seraph. "No. You can _not_ go back to work for Lilith."

<> Sephar is just impressed with Jean, completely.

You paged Demiurge with 'You know that is what he is thinking.'.

<> Sephar says "That's my Boss!"

Dana ponders. "What are our chances of success each way?"

<> Dana says "It's not that I don't like the guy..."

Jean writes on the board. "If you continue with your Heart in Dominic's possession, your success rate drops to 31.672%, without much margin for error. If you choose this path, you rise to over 75%, which indicates to me, taking in all factors and variables and considering that there are unknowns and the essential fractal nature of the universe, that this would be your optimal choice to pursue."

<> arcangel says "Dana, Cherub of Many Superiors."

<> Dana says "Oh, just add him to the list too."

<> Sephar grins.

<> Sephar has weird deja vu of Dana in Sliders suddenly saying, "Hey, didn't we share Bosses for a while?"

<> Dana giggles at Sephar.

Dedan just blinks at that. "If it will get our people out faster, then fine."

Dana looks at Jean. "Would it be possible to do this and leave our current attunments in place?"

Dana is hesitant, in general, about this.

Jean says "Certainly."

Dana says "Okay, as long as we can agree that this is temporary. I don't think either of us is giving up on Judgement yet."

Jean says "Of course. Are you ready for this?"

Dana nods.

Jean walks over and places his hand on Dana's forehead. There's a.... change. It's not worse or better, it's just different. The world suddenly has a certain clarity, where all of the parts fit together in the universe, where things go together in their optimal configurations. It's like a sudden clarity, like the sun peeking out behind clouds. There is something dark, and nasty, and lurking in Dana's soul that is suddenly banished, filled with the clear light of Heaven. Dana also finds that she has something... else. Like the Cherub of Lightning attunement.

<> arcangel says "And all her fur stands on end."

<> Sephar giggles.

<> Dana says "Oh groovy!!!"

Jean stands back. "It is suboptimal for you to continue to lose your cellphone."

<> Sephar says "Phones *anywhere*!"

<> Demiurge giggles.

<> Sephar giggles so much.

Jean steps over to Dedan, and does the same thing.

<> arcangel worships Jean.

<> Dana loves this guy.

When Jean is done, Dedan blinks several times, the color of her aura changing from the harsh dark grays of Judgment to the bright blue and white of Lightning.

<> Dylan suffers from Attunement Envy.

Dana blinks a couple of times. Clarity. Neat. Haven't seen that in a while.

<> GM says "Fine."

Jean tells Dylan, "And you shall be able to herewith communicate between them without flaw." He lays hands on Dylan for a moment, and gives him the Mercurian of Lightning attunement.

<> Dylan needs to make random comments more often. :)

<> Sephar falls over laughing.

Dylan says "Thank you."

<> Dana pokes Dylan in the side. No fair!

Jean says "You are most welcome. Now take the devices and godspeed. Time is wasting."

Dana says "Yes. Thank you. Wow. May we take a couple extra of the badges in case anyone else wishes to join us?"

Sephar watches all mildly curious.

<> Dana says "Or were there any extras?"

Jean says "There are here only four. Any more members in your party dramatically increase your chances of being spotted."

Dana nods and turns to the group. "Thank you again. Let's go.",p> <> Dana says "It's optimal to GET MOVING!"

<> GM says "You betcha."

Sephar leads the way back to the reception area, if they have need of a guide...

Dana probably doesn't need a guide, but follows Sephar anyway. She smiles a lot. "Wow. Everything is so different."

The group returns to the receptiona area, without incident.

Sephar says "Oh?"

Dana puts the portable tether safely in her pocket. "Yeah. It's interesting. It was nice meeting you, Sephar. Maybe we can talk again sometime?"

Sephar rolls a bow, "That would be most pleasant. God go with you on your journey and may your task work out elegantly."

Dana smiles at Sephar and nods back. "Be effecient. And Just." And heads outside.

<> Dana drats, as she remembers she should have asked for Essence.

Outside, the world looks a little brighter, and cleaner, and more efficient. Even the air smells a little cleaner.

<> GM says "You can assume he filled you all up."

Sephar smiles a bit at the parting and then goes back to doing the errand it was going.

<> Dana says "Yay!"

The last place you were was outside the Halls of Lightning. With you are Dylan, Dedan, and Daimon. For some odd cosmic reason, everyone in this game's name starts with D, no one knows why but it's very likely to be integral to the plot. You now have an artifact that will zots you back up to Heaven with a group of people rapidly, and you have little Star Trek like pins that will translate Helltongue for you like Universal Translators, because you can never have enough plot devices. Now you are Torquaret of Lightning, the world looks nice and crisp and clean to you. Dedan's wing aura has gone from the drab brown of Judgment to the bright streaky blue of Lightning. Dominic no longer looks over your shoulder. It's the middle of the night in California, and below you the world is coming to an end. But you can get t-shirts, so all is not lost! The question now is - now what.

Dana's eyes are bright and wide, seeing the universe from a different perspective. She turns to Dedan, clearly the only other person in this group who can grasp the concept of logical planning, and says "Do we need anything else? Weapons? Lock picks? Explosives? It didn't even occur to me to ask Jean, but if he didn't think it was necessary, maybe he thinks we're as ready as we'll ever be."

Dedan says "It will be almost impossible to get through checkpoints with Heavenly weapons in Hell."

Dana nods. "Okay. Should we find out if that Fire tether is still around, and see if we can nab that Game Impudite? I don't know that we can take out as many Corruption demons as we think we can."

Daimon asks "Are you suggesting we go to hell and bust heads? I mean, heck, I hear my dentist is an all night shop, and I need some new crowns..."

Dana smiles at Daimon. "No, dear. We're going to do everything we can to sneak in all nice and quiet. But we will run into guards and such."

Dedan says "The Game Impudite might have some access to tethers to Hell. After all, there had to be some way for him to get to Earth and back, and he was required to report regularly."

Dana nods at Dedan. "To the Volcano, then?"

Dedan says "Indeed."

Dana takes Daimon's hand in her paw and starts ushering everyone toward the Volcano. "We'll have to avoid the Judges there, for now. Dominic still has many of their Hearts."

Dylan hums a few bars of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco."

Dedan follows Dana, looks happy to be getting somewhere at _last_.

You are not hindered on the way to the Volcano. There are angels flying back and forth, and for once, they seem to wave welcome as they pass. On the other hand the tether... is no longer there. It's gone.

<> Dana says "Is just the link to the corporeal realm destroyed, or is the whole place gone now?"

<> GM says "From Heaven, you have no idea if the building still stands. But the link is gone. Vamoose. Destroyed."

<> Dana says "Okay."

Dedan says "Clearly, in no way is this going to be easy."

Dylan says "So at least life is consistent."

Dana grins at Dedan. "Good thing we're not going to let that stop us. Okay. Dominic knows we've talked to the Media, and he knows we know he knows. It makes little difference whether we go through Media or find some other way."

Daimon says "I doubt the Media is just going to let Corruption show up and sit on their tethers. Okay, maybe they will. It is the MEDIA. Wait, they probably will. But only if Corruption gives away boxes of pens, pads of paper, squeezy balls, diskettes, and t-shirts with the Corruption Brand Name on it.

Dana says "They'll annoy Corruption for interviews. Might be an interesting stalling tactic. So we go back to Terry's, yes?"

Daimon says "Terry is, as he likes to tell people over and over again, the living and breathing hub of the known universe."

Dedan just wrinkles her nose in a "We have to do what we have to do, but god does it suck" manner.

Dana nods sympathetically at Dedan. "Except this time, he might be right. Do we need anything else up here?"

Dedan looks over the other three. "I would think not. Other then more time."

Demiurge pages: Worrying thought. Dana can now invoke Jean if necessary. "Eat Lightning, Corruption-sucker!"

Dana nods. "I'd be happier with a weapon of some sort, but maybe I can pick one up along the way. Let's go."

<> GM says "And you what, descend? Back to behind the pool?"

<> GM says "He'll never know you've been gone. :)"

<> Dana says "Behind the pool sounds good to me. :^)"

<> GM says "Although you did steal one of his Media vans."

<> Dana says "Borrowed."

>From afar, Demiurge imagines Dana's face when asked to sign the CCG card of artist's impression of her posing naked with scales and sword on the back of a fallen Dominic.

The four D's of the Apocalypse descend to where they were before - at Terry's pool. Although there are now people milling everywhere, no one seems to notice, or care. People appearing out of the air is just not as interesting as the flaming battle between two beings which are being hailed as "proof of alien existence" over India.

Dana says "So now we're off to makeup? What kind of look do we want to go for here?"

>From the porch come a group of figures silhuetted by the porchlight. The tall thin one with the pony tail and the only guy to be wearing shades in the middle of the night has got to be Terry. "Dana! Dylan! Baby! Where did you all go? I was worried that something had happened. Look, we have everything ready for you, and we're ready to go to makeup. Now, these people I pay by the hour, so let's get a move on, chop chop babies. Oh, you all are beautiful, I could just slather you up in salsa and eat you you're so yummy. Come on come on now."

Daimon says something under his breath about becoming rapidly convinced that Terry has replaced his eyes with giant fried eggs.

Dana grins up at Terry. "We'll be up in a minute!" She takes a Creationer in each hand and drags them inside.

<> Dana says "Did the toys that Jean gave us manifest in the corporeal realm?"

<> GM says "As little dogtags on chains. Easily hidden."

Dana makes sure all artifacts are suitably hidden before going inside.

Dedan trails behind. Terry flashes a big, warm, Media Producer smile like only he can - you know, the kind that flashes his caps and makes you think he's going for your throat. The place is insane as always. Madness everywhere, whereever you look. "Baby," he says, "I was worried. Through this door, down these stairs, yeah, that's right baby, down into makeup."

Dana lets go of the Creationers and walks up to Terry. "You are truly amazing. A work of art."

<> Dana says "A work of SOMEthing, anyway. :^)"

<> arcangel says "Fiction, certainly."

Makeup is like a beauty salon. Big mirrors with lights, tall chairs, racks of combs and brushes and hair dryers, and smiling helpful people standing behind every one, just waiting to start their masterwork of Transformation.

Dylan, having previously worked only in print media, is not used to this.

Smiling happy people get the four angels to sit in chairs. The makeup looks unnatural - the assurance as translated through the Helltongue translators is that it will make you all look more 'demonic then ever before'.

Dylan just knows he's gonna come out of this looking like a Bad Goth.

As Dana gets into the chair, Terry walks up to her. He's holding a long thin box. He puts it on the counter before her, in a clear spot around the cannisters and jars. He opens the box and pulls out.... a card. On it, it has a picture of a, ah, um, glorified Dana in the nude with a sword stabbing some icky nasty creature. On the top of the card it says "Torquaret - Mistess of Justice". Terry says "First run. I need a few of these signed, if you could.... "

Dana just blinks for a moment. "What?"

Terry says "It's our newest marketing idea! The Armageddon Collectable Card Game! You and your cohorts have becomes so popular lately, baby, that we started running the cards. And you see, sweetcheeks, sweety-pie, love of my eye, she who makes my heart pitter AND patter, you're a rare, see. And we need it for the promotion. Here's my pen..."

Dana takes the pen and laughs. "Who would buy this, Terry? Why would someone buy this?"

Terry says "In Hell, they LOVE you guys. Of course, we have to put a little spin on things, but you know how it goes. Dana, crusading for Justice! And poor Daimie here, who was horribly brainwashed... and Maxwell the stalwart and Blitzen the insane and um, Dylan, my friend, ah, you're a sort of an uncommon instead of a rare. You know." He flashes a grin. "The kids love 'em! They love all of you!"

<> Dylan increments the Insulting-Dylan-Tote-Board by one.

Dana writes on the card 'Be good, or else! -- Torquaret' She looks up at the Balseraph. "Terry, you're insane, but I still love you."

Terry starts passing the cards out to everyone. "Just sign. Sign and have fun, kids. Dylan, the dark goth look does you good, kid."

<> GM giggles. "I'm sorry, Steve. Terry had to take a cheap shot."

Dylan gets into goth-character. "The world sucks. People suck. I'm miserable and only Marilyn understands. 'Cause we're ALL stars now, in the dope show! And I'm NOT a goth! I'm just wearing black and being all angsty and pretending to be bisexual 'cause that's who I AM!!!!"

Dylan starts signing cards.

Dana writes variations of that same theme on all the cards, though sometimes she writes 'Be good because you never know when I'm coming down to Hell to splatter your demon ass along the sidewalk. Love and kisses, Torquaret' and that sort of thing.

<> GM says "I love you Steve."

<> Shannen adores Dana.

<> Demiurge giggles.

<> Dana says "I can even threaten the Paddle of Judgement on one!"

Cards are signed, people get into character. Daimon and Dedan look like - well, after going Celestial they look like normal Lilim, or as normal as they ever where when they were just Lilim. Dylan is gothy. And Dana looks very Media Djinnish. Mean, nasty, and covered in cameras.

Dana asks Terry "Are these real cameras?"

Terry beams. "Do we have any others?"

Dana smiles. "You ought to get some interesting footage, then. Do we have some cover assignment here, or are we just showing up out of nowhere?"

Terry hands out Media badges. "You're a Media crew for the Show of the Century! I've had word that Dominic is personally executing some particularly nasty people in the main Ampitheater in Hades, and it's going to be well televised. These badges are for backstage camera and sound crew - which you are. Well, you're mine. So you better damn well come back with footage, baby."

Dedan snorts. "Yeah, we'll get your footage, Balseraph."

Dana says "No problem, Terry. Don't get your hair in a knot. At Hades, eh? Any idea who the victims are?"

Terry grins widely. "Only major subversives who stand in the way of Dominic's final power play. I'm sure they're friends of yours."

Dana nods. "Probably. When is he doing this?"

Terry says "Right now, actually. Well, those are the main act. At the moment,there are warm up bands to, you know, get the crowd's juicies flowing. He wants them really riled up before the fun starts, baby. You can't just torture and kill people. You gotta give them a spectacle!"

Dana blinks. "Jesus. Okay, let's hurry this up then. Terry, can you give me an idea of what the place looks like?"

Terry says "The Train will take you there. Look for the biggest, most impressive, most awe inspiring ampitheater you can think of, and hang a lot of cameras on it. Baby, it's where the Game used to do their executions. It's gotta be good. Floor all soaked with gore. The bonus is, baby, if the warm up bands suck, they get ripped to shreds with someone's claws. Cool, yeah?"

Dana frowns slightly. "Not really. And I meant the insides of the place."

Terry says "Oh. Big stage in front, lots of catacombs and the like backstage. Big box seats up on top for the Princes, thousands of seats in multiple decks. Cameras everywhere. Big TVs so everyone can see the action. It's cool, baby. Everyone goes."

Dana nods. "Any idea where the prisoners are kept?"

Terry says "When the Game owned the place, the holding cells where down in the subbasement, back behind the camera booths."

Demiurge pages: Will Dana be able to control her impulses to give a "Live Free And Justly" broadcast across Hell on the cameras, we wonder.

<> Dana says "My God. Terry is actually being useful?? I'm suspicious already."

Dana blinks again. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Princes? Are all the princes going to be there watching this?"

<> Dana says "Anyone else can feel free to jump in here. :^)"

You paged Demiurge with 'We will see.'.

Terry beams. "Likely. It is the biggest show of the century."

Dylan says "Why not. We seem to be bumping into Superiors with alarming regularity. There's still a few more we haven't met."

Daimon and Dedan are just frowning. Daimon says, "You know, they love to hack traitors up into little itty bits in that place."

Dylan says "Which is just about all of us, I suppose..."

Dana says "Yeah, I figured that, Daimon. Terry, how much longer is this makeup going to take?"

Terry says "You're done."

Dana says "Anything else? Can any of these cameras be used as a handy weapon?"

Terry says "You can bop people over the heads with them."

Dana grumbles. "I figured as much. Will there be equipment around we can use?"

Daimon says "It's Hell. The entire place is made out of sharp pointy bits."

Terry says "So whenever you are ready, baby..."

Dana says "Bah. We'll just have to make it up as we go along." She walks up to Terry, grabs him by the tie, and pulls him down for a long kiss. She whispers, "Don't forget about me for *too* long, okay?"

Terry smiles in his own Balseraph way. "Never, baby."

Dana says "Okay, let's go."

Terry leads you through a door and down to another set of stairs that leads.... down and down and down.

<> Dylan says "And DOWN!"

<> Dana says "Wait, which way do they go again?"

Since you must follow a demon down a tether, Terry leads you down the stairs to the mad, insane, pulsating, living world of Perdition.

Dylan tries to avoid stepping on too many good intentions.

Dana goes into Djinn mode, looking grumpier, bitchier, and generally less warm and cuddly than your average servitor of Judgement is.

Dylan goes into Impudite mode, which actually involves looking less grumpy, less bitchy, and more warm and cuddly than he usually is.

<> Dana says "Is it safe to assume we got a crash course in How To Use A Videocamera?"

<> GM says "Yes. But all the wacky demons down there who are all very eager to get to the Ampitheater."

Dana follows Terry, nudging angels along when necessary.

Terry disappears up the stairs, leaving the group of four very normal demon-looking angels down in the mad crush of Media demons, in an almost physical wall of sound and noise and advertisements. The ads blare from everywhere - the walls, the speakers in the ceiling, the floor, people's clothing, their jewelry, portable TVs, everything.

Dylan tries to focus his attention on something other than the barrage of media-stuff.

The crush of people seem to be going in a certain direction, and it's destined to take the group of angels with it, like stones on a rising tide. Either you go up the beach or you get covered by sand.

There are TVs and smells of demons and souls and implings, and newspaper stands and magazine stands and stalls where you can buy bUY BUY consumer goods with the hottest new brand name that everyone MUST have to be cool.

Dana tries to stay close to the angels, as the crowds push along.

The crush of people seems to be waiting to board car after car after car of trains, all of them with huge neon boards which read "HADES" in Helltongue. Demons look down at the angel's media tags and cameras with more then a little passing jealousy.

Daimon and Dedan, most familiar with Hell, are working to make a survivable path through the crush of Demons in Perdition.

Dana tries looks as ambivalent as possible toward the denziens of Hell, and concentrates on keeping her group together.

Dylan probably still has stuff stuck to him from the LAST time he took the Train.

<> GM busts out laughing. Don't mind her.

Dylan says "We should'a brought rain slickers..."

<> Dana wags her finger at the GM.

The floors are nasty, yes.

There is a huge push of people to get on the Train. The press of bodies is physically stifling.

And it's a wait.

And a wait.

And even more of a wait...

And then the group is at the front and getting onto the car. There is only standing room.

<> GM says "Shall I assume that I will just wizz you all to the Ampitheater, through the checks?"

<> Dana says "Fine with me!"

<> GM puts a finger on the fast forward, baby.

The security checks are largely glossed over. With the Game gone, and so many demons all flooding into Hades at onces, it's almost impossible for them to find and kill all the traitors. A few choice demons are pulled off the Train at the security stops and killed, but they aren't you. They're just miscellanious traitors to the realm who were clearly plotting the downfall of Hell and their entire society and way of life.

<> Demiurge just laughs.

<> Dana says "Are you a traitor?" "No!" "Denying it, are you? Off with your head!"

<> Dylan says ""So if she weighs the same as a duck, then she must be made of wood, and therefore..."

The Ampitheater looms in the distance. That's the best way to describe this place. It looms. It does not hover. It does not sit. It does not merely be. It looms. With a capitol L. It's huge. It's so big it has it's own Train stop, which is also covered with Media propoganda, along with Comedy, Gluttony, Game (have you filed you papers today?), the War (join and free the oppressed from Heaven). Demons are everywhere. Consessions stands are also everywhere, and there are almost as many of those as there are demons, souls, and vague nasty, gooey, sticky things with eyeballs.

The place is literally shaking with chanting, shouting, and the screaming throbbing of a bass with the reverb cranked. This place is _rocking_. Unfortunately, you are now faced with a turnsile, and a grinning Habbalah with a hand out going "Tickets, please." It can only be a fate habbalah, and they likely stock turnsiles like this the world over.

<> Dana says "We got tickets, right?"

<> Dylan says "Or maybe the Media passes will get us in?"

<> GM says "Nope. You have passes. :)"

Dana shows the pass and a vague frown to anyone who asks for tickets.

Dylan shows his pass and tries to look suitably blase.

The Habbalah looks at your passes with extreme jealousy. But he lets you in. "Media kiosk is in the back. Follow the signs."

Dana herds people toward wherever the signs are pointing, mumbling "I have no idea how we are going to do this."

Daimon says "Just smile and nod and pretend to be a demon."

<> Dana doesn't think she can smile and still pretend to be a demon.

Dedan is actively watching everything, looking for any sign of the people she has come to save. She has to ward off an Impudite who gets too near and wants to have fun with a Lilim, and she almost stabs him with the heel of her shoe.

Dana says to Daimon "Not that. We...Hey, Dedan, come on." She drags Dedan along, getting more protective, and snarling at anyone who approaches her (or any of the group).

<> Shannen tickles Dedan. Tickle tickle.

<> Dana says "I already tried hugging her, Shannen. She didn't like it."

<> Dedan drags Shannen off to be questioned by the Inquisition.

The signs are easy to follow, and they lead down to the stairs which lead to the huge sprawling Media booth backstage. It's jam packed, just as everything is.

<> Dana says "Hey GM, are there essence expenditures going on around here? I'm wondering if a song is going to attract any attention (life on the run has made me paranoid)"

A small, sapphire-scaled Balseraph is bouncing up and down in the crowd, calling, "Seeerrrraph! Beautiful Seraph! So stern! So Judgmental!"

<> Dana says "Oh God. Please tell me that isn't who I think it is..."

<> Zaza rippleblinks at Dana.

<> Dana throttles the GM.

An Impudite with the look of authority is yelling, "Will someone get me some Djinn and get these people out of here? Please?"

A screaming mob seethes round the Balseraph, waving banners like "BLOW ME A KISS, JUDGEMENT!" and "MY BODY IS YOURS, PUNISH IT!" They're screaming names and chanting "Judgement! Judgement!"

The little Balseraph calls out, "Please! For a last request! Ask for *me*! Ask for Zaza!"

Dedan says "Oh God."

<> Dana says "Do they look like they're shouting this toward a specific area?"

One Calabite yells, "Hell with her, she can't take it. I wanna see some Judgement techniques firsthand!"

Zaza cries, "Tie me in knots! Use your judgmental swoooooord!"

<> GM says "Toward a direction where there might be a hallway with cells."

Dana drags people in that direction.

The Impudite, clearly the Producer, is screaming, "Will someone get these fans out of here? I'm TRYING to run a SHOW!"

Taneel is hopping alongside Zaza " .. such a waste! hour -- not even alone! Please please please!"

The little blue Bal notes the angels plowing through the crowd. She's small. She slips in behind them.

Dana, Dylan, Dedan and Daimon run into a crowd of... obsessed fans. Large Djinn bouncers are trying to keep people back away from the holding pens. Media servitors are screaming at each other over the crowd.

<> Dana says "Taneel. Does that make Zaza a Captain? :^)"

<> GM says "A captain of spankings, maybe."

<> Zaza wishes...

<> Dana says "Sorry. A joke so bad you all repressed it."

Zaza tries to look like she's one of this determined group. Why... she *IS*! She just KNOWS it!

Dylan thinks Judge Judy could clean this place up.

Dana tosses demons out of the way when necessary, growling "Go away. Wait for the show."

Taneel looks around, puzzled "ZAZA? Wait up! KNOW SOMETHING!" and scrambles after her, cute dimples flashing "Don't you leave me! Or..I WON'T spank you!"

Zaza eeps at Taneel. "I'm going with my friends!" she declares to Taneel.

Dedan looks down at Zaza. "We are not."

Zaza looks at Dedan. "We are!"

<> Zaza rolls the d666 and gets 4 3 CHECK: 6.

<> Zaza may have made her Will, if the GM permits.

<> GM rolls the d666 and gets 1 6 CHECK: 2.

<> GM says "SO did Dedan so nyaaah."

Dedan says "Are not." But she can barely be heard over the din.

Zaza sticks close to someone else. Dylan. Obviously Dedan is not one of her friends, but surely Dylan is.

Dylan ignores Zaza.

Taneel smiles cutely at the group, posing slightly "My friends!" and slips in with Zaza, giving Dedan large eyes "But.." and follows along with Zaza.

Dana continues yelling at demons to go away, the stars aren't coming out here, go back to your seats...

Zaza acts just like the others. After all, she's with their group. She *has* to be. It *has* to be True that she's going to get to talk to the beautiful Judgmenters.

The music starts pounding again, as the band starts their next song. Media servitors scream at each other, something about the Boss. Outside, there is a rumbling, growing yell from the crowd. "Blood. Blood. Blood. BLOOD. BLOOD..."

A groupie shrieks, "Take meeeeeeeeeeee! I want to be judge... AIEE!" as one of the guards slams her back.

<> Dana says "If she only knew she's got two right here!"

<> Zaza says "You aren't Judgmenters anymore."

<> Dana says "Temporarily. We can still spank the bejeezus out of you."

<> Zaza says "Oooo!"

<> Taneel says "Great O:)"

The group of D's get up to the guards, just as angels are being pulled out of their cells and shackled down the hallway. The Djinn guards look down long beastily noses.

<> Dana says "Hey, you never answered my question. Would spending a bit of essence make much of a disturbance here, considering?"

<> GM says "No. There is SO MUCH DISTURBANCE here that one or two points is nothing. Sorry. Too many posts."

<> Dana says "s'okay. Can I sing for claws?"

<> GM says "Yup."

Taneel bounces slightly, looking around for a better view.

One Seraph holds himself iron-straight as he tests his shackles. Two of his wings hang part-broken, but he glares at the demons with a dry fury.

Zaza peers through people's legs and around their waists. She's leetle.

<> Dana says "It's Regulus!!! I'm coming for you, sweetie!"

<> Taneel mmms..Seraph. Could almost eat him right up.

Zaza sees Regulus and is nigh unto swooning. So beautiful! So proud! So willing to hurt demons!

Taneel's eyes go -wide- and she gasps out a "WOW." and licks her lips slightly "He's..incredible. He's..he's.." She lets out a sigh "He's not mine, dammit!"

The Impudite producer yells again, "Will someone get these people OUT of here?"

Joel, beaten, bloody, but not broken, gazes at the demons emotionlessly.

<> Dana says "Okay. I have this at six so I'm all quiet-like. I'm throwing in an extra essence for good luck."

<> Dana rolls the d666 and gets 3 3 CHECK: 1.

<> Dana says "Woo!"

<> GM says "Zing. You have claws."

Dana counts the guards. Zaza plots getting alone with the Judgmenters. Just for a moment. Just long enough for one of them to scar one of her wings.

There are 6 guards in front of you, and several more in the brigade to drag the victims to the stage.

<> Dylan says "GM, would you say I still have that knife Max loaned me?"

<> GM says "Yep."

Dylan readies his Max-knife.

<> Dana says "GM, what is between us and the brigade? Just the six guards or, like, a door or something?"

Dana turns on the camera hanging on her neck. Hey, a promise is a promise, even if made to a demon.

Dylan does the same. Old habits.

<> GM says "It works like this. You're in a big room with cameras and control panels and STUFF. At one far end of the room there is a passageway that goes to holding cells, and this is very brightly lit. Across the front of this the mouth is open, but there are 6 Djinn bouncers in the vacinity of it. It's more like they are there to keep fans out then keep prisoners in."

Daimon looks out the window at the stage, and mouths something that needs to be translated via Helltongue translators, pretty much as "Holy shit."

<> Dana says ""OH. So we could just show them passes?"

<> GM says "Of course. :)"

<> Dylan brandishes the knife. THIS is my pass!

<> Dylan is not actually stupid enough to do that, mind you.

Dana temporarily dismisses her claws, then, and pushes her way through the crowd and shows her pass.

<> GM says "The Djinn breaks you and tosses you onstage."

<> Dana says "I knew that was coming. :^)"

Dylan shows his pass. "I got backstage, baby!"

<> Demiurge | Call this a knife? (materialises Sword of Corruption) This is a knife!

Outside, the music comes to a shuddering, screeching halt. For a moment there is silence, then there is an absolute _roar_ from the audience as the band members are tossed into the crowd and sundered force from force. Obviously, they were just another crappy opening band.

Zaza sticks close to Dylan, low and small and obviously one of the Media crew.

Taneel tries to slip in with Dana et al, smiling brightly and cutely, sticking in the back middle of the group. Tight. Close.

The Djinn eyes the pass, and nods to one of his Djinn buddies. Then he nods to the group... which has suddenly grown from 4 to 6. "Okay, go in. But make your interview quick! They go onstage in 5."

The crowd in the ampitheater has starting to chant, slowly, and rising, "judgment... judgment... judgment... judgment...."

Dylan is avoiding talking to people because bad things might happen if they notice he's not supremely charming. Instead, he just glares at Zaza before turning his attention away again.

Dana nods at the Djinn. "Will do." And follows the passage. She makes no attempt to keep the real demons out.

Zaza beams at Dylan happily.

Taneel nods cutely to the Djinn and does her best to restrain her tongue and lips.

Zaza . o O (Lots of my tops glare at me!)

<> Dana says "How far ahead of us is the brigade with the prisoners?"

<> GM says "About 200 feet."

Taneel bounces as she moves along, staring at the prisoners with ever larger eyes.

Dedan follows without hestitation. Daimon follows after he is no longer mesmerized by the sight of 40,000 demons all chanting for blood.

Dana walks quickly, dragging the newly-grown group. She takes the tether relic and gives it to Daimon. "You're on sound."

Zaza tails Dylan closely, her eyes wide as she drools over the Judgmenters.

The guards are adjusting the chains on the prisoners. "You got passes?" a Habbalah asks. He looks at the group in disgust.

Dana shows her pass. "We'll be quick."

Daimon nods, and takes the relic. "Sound."

Taneel just looks cute. Doesn't answer. Cute. Cute and not in charge. Just a lackey.

Zaza sidles closer to the Seraph...

The Habbalah looks over the pass, then looks at Dana, then looks at the pass, then at Dana. "Hurry it up, or we throw you to the crowd."

Dylan shows his pass too.

Dana nods at the Habbalah. "Where can we set up?"

The Seraph turns to regard Zaza with a withering glare of scorn. "Bad enough that we are to be treated with this mockery of Justice, but to be pawed first adds insult to injury."

Zaza sways. "You're so beautiful," she whispers. "So stern!"

Joel simply says, "Do not give them more material, Regulus."

The Habbie points to a corner. "There. And be _quick_ about it!"

Zaza oozes closer. "Would you hurt me?" she asks, breathily.

Regulus turns his head and body away, haughtily.

Taneel lifts her head slightly at the 'pawed' comment and follows along after Zaza, big ol' saucer eyes unblinkingly working over every curve and feather.

Zaza coils around, trying to get looked at again. "Would you hurt me? Please? Tear my wings?" she begs Regulus.

Dana sets up a camera, waiting for the guards to take the prisoners over to the appropriate place.

Regulus ignores the two whimpering groupies, and suffers himself to be dragged along with the other prisoners.

Dylan sets stuff up and generally tries to look busy. But also schmoove and gothy.

Zaza follows at the Seraph's heels, looking like a victim.

The guards force people into position, mostly by pulling on chains.

Noticing Zaza's infatuation with Regulus, Taneel moves over to follow Joel, smiling coyly and innocently at him "If only.." She traces his body with her eyes "If hour..or two..or three..or more..!"

Dana takes a clip-on mike and goes over to Regulus. She takes the Balseraph in one hand and places her a couple feet away. She goes up to Regulus and looks for places to attach a mike, trying to gauge how far away the guards are going to be for this.

Joal looks at Taneel with flat, alien, Elohite eyes. They hold no passion, no emotion, no self-interest.

Zaza tries to get within range of Regulus for being hit or stepped on or otherwise paid attention to.

Zaza stays out of Dana's way, though.

Dedan leans over to Regulus with the pretense of making him look more tragic for the camera. "Just a few more minutes," she whispers.

Regulus turns to Zaza, and snaps, "You are worse than a Cherub. It seems you will follow me everywhere. I hope that you have some way out of here."

Taneel returns the emotionless gaze with one that promises more than Heaven can offer "Why do you look at me so? If you are to die, you might as well.. enjoy some time for yourself, no?" She winks slightly and returns to her innocent-school-girl look.

Zaza sighs with delight. She was noticed!,p> Taneel glares at Zaza enviously for a second.

The Habbie says, "Hurry it up! The crowd is going to tear _us_ to pieces, soon! We have to get these people on stage."

Dana can't help grinning to herself at that. "Don't worry about them" she says to Regulus, pinning a mike to him.

Dana looks over at Daimon. "How's the sound?"

Regulus haughtily ignores the mike.

>From down the hall, the Impudite producer yells, "What is holding up the main attraction? Get those fans out of there!"

Zaza oozes closer to the Seraph, if she can. Maybe she could hug him! Maybe he'd scar her!

Daimon is messing with the gadget, "Just a moment, trying to get everyone in range..."

Dana looks over at the Habbalite. "Just one more minute, I promise."

Taneel taps her foot a little at Joel, look frustrated for a second bfore putting on a deeply ponderous look and smiling evilly "Ooo..I know. You don't like those sweet ones." She whispers softly "You want a little devil of your own, don't you? Devil in a blue dress, hon?" Softer "I can make both of us beg for more."

Dylan yells back to the producer. "You gotta build suspense, babe."

Joel just blithly ignores Taneel.

Dana moves the camera back a little, so that it gets more of the rest of the room. She bets Terry will love to have footage of these people's faces...

Zaza slithers around behind Regulus, mostly hidden by his wings (she hopes).

The producer yells back, "If you don't get out here _now_, they're gonna storm the booth! Move it, move it! We don't want the Producer mad now, do we?"

Dana takes the Balseraph by the wings and drops her elsewhere. "Sorry, honey. No screen time for you yet."

Dylan says "Depends. Would it look good on TV?"

<> Dylan says "That was to the producer."

Dana goes over to primp Joel. "How's that sound?"

Zaza slithers right back. "But he can't die before he marks me!" She throws herself to Regulus' feet (if she can) and wraps her ring-pierced tail around his ankle/tail/whatever.

The producer says "Yeah, okay, but we're off schedule!"

Daimon says "Good thing this gadget comes with instructions." And he presses a button.

Regulus does a long whip-flex of his tail, attempting to snap Zaza off it and toss her back towards the crowd, guards, or producer.

<> Dana says "Oh god...Zaza isn't going to last long in this world."

Taneel makes a small walking tour of Joal, licking her lips softly and blinks at what Dana did before recovering and purring at the Elohite "I bet they would all looovvee to hear you beg for this. And they'll grant it, too. It would be..nice. You, me, and the rest of Hell..all alone.."

Zaza strives to hang on long enough to have him bite her outspread wings.

Dana goes into defensive Cherub mode, since she's not sure what happens next.

What opens is a giant screaming white hot vortex around everyone in the hallway - angels, demons, imps, the whole lot. It shoots out of the top of the Media box, through the Ampitheater, and right straight up into Heaven. There is a screaming, roaring sound as air and objects start to get sucked up.

Zaza . o O (Eek?)

<> Dana says "Nice knowing ya, Za."

Taneel lets out a nice cacaphony of screams. Pleasure and pain.

<> Zaza invokes her attunement. On herself. Um. Feels good?

<> Dana laughs!

<> Taneel didn't get a chance to sex the Elohite up :(

Zaza keens, shuddering as she wraps around whatever's nearest. Probably Regulus. Oops.

Regulus begins to tumble upwards, wings flexing, the other angels on the chain bobbing behind him like some perverse kite.

Dana screams "Go! Now!"

There is screaming everywhere, from all of the demons, those in the hallway, those in the Press box, those in the Ampitheater. The blinding light is the only real, true light down here and it's the light of Heaven.

Dedan screams "Everyone jump in!"

<> Dana says "Mmmm. What's that smell? Oh yes. CHAOS!"

Dylan jumps in.

Dana waits for Daimon to jump in before she does.

<> Dana is just gonna go work for Wind.

Taneel screams "Not without me, baby!" and leaps for the nearest thing. Hopefully getting a good grip on Joel. A -very- good grip. A -very- good sensual grip.

Daimon is waiting for the last person to go. He doesn't know if he has to stay at this point with the box or what.

Joel allows himself to be pulled in upwards toward Heaven.

>From afar, Demiurge | Dominic and Nybbas : WHAT IS THIS?

Dana pulls people in to help them move faster. She is NOT going in without Daimon.

Following Joel, Dedan jumps in.

And down the hallway is the massive _RIPPLE_ of disturbance. This one cannot be missed.

<> Zaza . o O (Prince.)

Dana screams "Shit! Is everyone in?"

Daimon screams "Jump in! I have to go after you!"

Dana jumps in. "Come on!"

Daimon jumps... well, into the light.

And all is bright for a moment.

Taneel holds on for everything she's got! And Joel's got!

And then the other end opens and everyone who passed in is unceremoniously dumped into the middle of the Glade.

Zaza remains curled around whatever. This hurts. Fortunately, hurting feels good.

Regulus rolls, in an attempt to minimise the impact on his broken wings. Probably on top of Zaza.

<> Dylan says "Just once, I would like to be CEREMONIOUSLY dumped."

Dana lands with a thud. She blinks for a moment, not sure if she's dead or what.

The demons who jumped in start to sizzle and burn.

Zaza oof, squish.

Dedan lands in a heap. Oof.

Zaza sizzle.

Dylan says "Ouch."

Dana looks around for Daimon, semi-frantically.

Dylan says "Is there something we can do about that?"

Joel hits the ground, chains rattling.

Daimon hits last, on his back, with the wind gushing out of his lungs.

Taneel rolls around, screaming happily and painfully and fearfully "!"

There is, from about 10 feet away from the group, the soft sound of one person appluading. Clap. clap. Clap. clap.

Taneel smells like a nice fried Impudite. *siizzzz*

Dana gives the Whew, My Attuned One Is Safe sigh of relief.

Regulus rears up, turning to see who it is, and ignoring the frying demons.

<> Dylan says "Is there any sign of the Tether here, or is it gone?"

Dana looks up as well.

<> GM says "Gone. But the device survived. Portatether!"

Joel sits up.

Raphael grins. "Bravo. I couldn't have done better myself."

<> Taneel doesn't want to die this way! Taneel wants to die in the arms of a Malakite!

Dylan stands up, assuming he's feeling up to it.

Dana stands up, helps other people up. "Wow. It worked."

Zaza inches her way up closer to Regulus' wings, trying to think past the painpleasure.

Dylan says "That was easier than I thought. But nothing I'd care to do again."

The demons are merrily frying away.

Raphael says "Honestly, I couldn't have done better myself."

Dylan smiles. "I don't doubt it."

Dana looks briefly at Raphael, and then looks over to Dedan. "Are you okay?"

Regulus turns, reaches down, and mercifully snaps Zaza's neck.

<> Dana says "Did the costumes survive the tether?"

Dedan sits up and shakes her head. "I'm trying to clear it."

<> GM says "Woah."

<> Zaza says "Darn, almost got the Seraph-feather."

<> GM says "Zaza, um. Yer, um. Well, an ex-Zaza."

Zaza screams with one last fulfillment of pain-orgasm.

<> Demiurge says "Well, leave her to burn to death? Doesn't feel very just to me. ;)"

Dana helps Dedan up, because it's probably as close as we're going to get to a hug here.

Taneel lays sprawled, like a snow-angel, still screaming in her cacophony " stop..NO...please...NO ...nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.."

Joel stands up and walks over to look down at Taneel. Then he simply, easily, puts a foot on her neck and presses. Snap.

<> arcangel says "That's okay. You always hurt the one you love."

<> GM says "Welcome to the mad insane constant Chaos that is Holy War."

<> Dana says "Mmmm. Chaos."

Regulus, now that he has the leisure to do so, begins to try and work free of his chains and collar.

Taneel's final expression is extreme gratitude. Well, her second-to-last. Her last is death.

Raphael watches all this with passive amusement, and then he says "And now you are on to round two. Congratulations."

Dana looks over at Raphael. "Nice to see you too."

<> Dana says "The Seraphs in the audience might note just a teeny bit of sarcasm in there."

Dylan, if he can help people work free of their chains, does so.

Joel and Regulus, through the help of two Bright Lilim, Dylan, and Dana, get free of chains at a pretty rapid pace.

<> Shannen | In a land and Heaven far away, Jordan shudders unconciously.

<> Dana asks again, did the disguises survive the tether?

<> GM says "Yes."

<> GM says "You all look like demons still."

<> arcangel says "Except not frying."

<> Shannen sniffs.

<> Dylan says "Good thing the disguises weren't *that* good. :)"

<> GM says "Fry fry fry."

Regulus, free of chains, regards Raphael Seraphically. He turns to Dana. "Would you introduce us?"

<> Demiurge rolls the d666 and gets 2 2 CHECK: 4.

<> GM says "That's your 12 on your 4. Hrm."

<> Dana says "Who is that directed at?"

<> Dana is confused.

<> GM says "Regulus asks Dana to introduce him to Raphael."

<> Demiurge nods.

<> Dana says "Oh. Okay."

Regulus' eyes begin to narrow, pair by pair, and his wings fold back against him.

Raphael grins at Regulus. Sunnily.

<> Dana says "One sec. What is Raph's word again?" <> GM says "Dark Co-er, Enlightenment." Dana looks around for something with which she can wipe off makeup. "This is Raphael, Archangel of Enlightenment, among other things." She turns to Raphael. "And this is Regulus and Joel and a bunch of angels who we just dragged out of the pit."

Raphael says "I know what you did and I know who you were. I was there, actually. A very good show, if I say so myself. I'm quite impressed. Show of the Century indeed."

Regulus - possibly unusually for him - does not express himself verbally. He merely inclines his head in the full courtesy due an Archangel, eyes still slitted.

Dana wipes off makeup. "So I heard. I wouldn't be surprised if you were there."

Regulus says, towards Dana, Dylan, Daimon and Dedan. "I thank you for my life."

<> Dana gives no courtesy to Raphael!

Joel looks on passively. "Indeed." To what this is, it is hard to tell.

<> Raph gets no respect. Sheesh.

<> Shannen says "Raphael is just misunderstood."

Dana looks at Regulus and Joel with love and respect. "It was my duty to do what I could."

Dylan undisguises. "Have to remember this next Halloween."

Joel says "Thank you." And then after a moment, he says, "It will be hard to be a complete triad without a Cherub."

Regulus nods in agreement.

<> Demiurge says "Come to the Dark Side... er, perhaps not."

Dana looks down a bit. "It wouldn't have worked if Dominic still had our Hearts."

Raphael says "My, this is a fix. Well, be seeing you all. Have fun kiddies."

<> Dana may have just misunderstood something.

Daimon is doing a good job looking like removing his nasty Lilim costume is an all consuming task.

<> GM says "Yes?"

<> Dana says "Is implication apparant in the celestial tongue? Now I'm not sure if Joel was implying that they need a new Cherub or what."

<> GM says "Joel is implying that they need a complete Triad."

<> GM says "But he can see you work for Lightning. If you will DO or not, he does not know."

<> GM says "So because he doesn't know, Raph is picking now to blow you all off and go torture someone else."

<> Dana shrugs. "Okay. Dana is paranoid that she won't do, even though she wants to. Mr. Elohim over there might be able to tell this." :^)

Dana looks up at Regulus and Joel. "I'm still willing, but if you wish to find someone else, I understand."

Regulus says, "Enough of this shilly-shallying. Dana, you are called to assist us. Judgement must be preserved."

Joel says "We merely require a Cherub to complete our Triad."

Dana nods. "I will do what is necessary to preserve Justice. The Judges who survived the attack on the Fire tether are at the Volcano, composing a case against Dominic."

Regulus says, "Then we are a Triad." Dana says "My Heart may not be with Justice at the moment, but Justice is in my heart."

Raphael sighs theatrically. "This almost brings a tear to my eye. It all comes together!"

<> Dana says "Once a Judge, always a Judge."

<> Dylan says "Oy. That was really painful to read."

<> GM says "Sorry Dylan. :)"

<> GM says "Can we close there?"

Dana turns to Raphael. "Are you going to tell us something useful, or just watch us squirm for a while?"

<> GM says "Demi likely needs to sleep, and I'm starting to feel big guilt here. :)"

<> Dana says "Okay, just have Raph answer that last little question? :^)"

Raphael says "I might tell you something useful, if you play nice."

<> Dylan says "Yeah. I am tired and have stuff I'd like to do, so I'm fine with quitting."

<> Demiurge grins. Will wait to hear what Raphael has to say.

Dana grins at Raphael. "Okay, I can do nice."

Raphael says "Promise?"

Dana says "Unless I have to pretend to be a Djinn again."

Raphael says "I doubt that."

Dana smiles pleasantly. "You'll just have to wait and see."

<> Dana will shut up now. :^)

Raphael eyes Dana. A little bit of the joking merriment goes out of his face, and he looks, again, a mite irritated.

Raphael says "I was going to warn you about Yves. He's killed all his servitors. He's much worse then Dominic. Dominic is just a poor deluded fool who made the mistake of becoming obsessed. Yves is not. Yves is something else entirely, and I don't know _what_."

<> Dana says "Or maybe not..."

Regulus' wings *flare*, and his eyes go wide.

Raphael starts to turn to walk away. "He'll be there when you do what you need to do."

<> Shannen says "Dude, this is really fucked up."

Dana blinks at Raphael. "Wait. He killed his servitors?"

Regulus takes one long hissing breath, then another.

Raphael says "The game is over, Dana. Time to play for real. Try not to get any of yourselves killed."

Dana looks at Raphael a little grimly. "Be careful."

Regulus' voice is as dry and thin as old bone. "It is true. May God have mercy upon us."

Raphael says "My dearest Torquaret, I died a very long time ago."

Raphael smiles down at all of them, and then turns to leave, walking across the Glade.

Dana says "So the theory goes, and yet here you are."

Daimon says "It's no good, Dana. He says what he comes to say and leaves."

Regulus' wings slowly lower, pair by pair by pair, to fold at his sides.

Dedan watches as the Archangel of Enlightenment walks away.

Dana says "I know. I've noticed this, Daimon."

Daimon says "Even to me."

Dana embraces Daimon warmly, and then turns to the Volcano. "We'd better go."

<> GM says "Okay, we are closing. :)"

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