Session Three: Good and Evil

Jered and Star sit on the hood of a car, while Claire sits behind the wheel of her VW Jetta. In the back seat of the Jetta is a body, which doesn't seem to be moving much.

In the warehouse, Maxwell can't stop eating. It all tastes so good. And there's so much of it. He simply can't stop. Malcolm can't stop dancing in the fire. It feels so good, the heat, the warmth, and the steady destruction. He simply can't stop.

Dana decides that maybe, just maybe, she needs some reinforcements. So she tries to teleport out of there, but doesn't get very far. Failing teleportation, she runs. She gets down the stairs, hotly pursued by several of the hellspawn, down the corridor, and out the back door. She gets out, before she hears the clicking of the UZI, and realizes there's a demon standing in the doorway with an amused smile on his face and a semi-automatic in his hand. He beckons Dana back in, and she goes.

Inside, the large demon on the throne tries to make a deal with Dana. He is trying to establish a Tether, right there, in Alpena. He needs a few more sacrifices before he can attempt. He is willing to trade the "Merchandise" in the basement for a few warm bodies. See, there have been others lately also looking to bargin. Dana says she will try, and she's given forty-eight hours.

Malcolm stares up into the heavens and yells something about sinners. Nothing happens.

Maxwell isn't feeling too hungry anymore, although he is feeling thirsty. He drinks something that makes him feel all funny. Then he starts to realize where he is. Evil must be smote, and he figures now is probably a good time. He tosses a Song of Shields, yanks out his sword... and a bunch of demons start to get a mild clue. The demon on the throne decides that he's had enough of this, and Maxwell is sent into hallucinations through the use of a Song of Entropy.

Dana says she is willing to deal, really, if they would just listen.

Surrounded by flames and sinners of the worst sort, Gabe must just have been on his lunch break before. This time, trails of flame come shooting out of the fire and hit the sinners closest to Malcolm, making little pillars with gurgled screams.

Maxwell, shaking off the Song of Entropy, starts moving closer and closer to the throne. When he gets close enough, he literally leaps over the hellspawn, and gets within thrusting range. With a show that only a servitor of Laurence can put on, he pulls out his sword, and plunges it into the demon's heart. The demon lets out a gurgled scream, before his body collapses and he finds himself in Hell.

The demon with the Uzi, who seemed pretty reasonable before, does the reasonable thing. He decides it's time to leave. As does Dana. They have a little conversation outside, before he gets on his bike and takes off.

Maxwell has fun slaying hellspawn like a reaper in the newly harvested wheat.

Outside, before all hell breaks loose, literally, a figure makes it way up the side of the warehouse. Jered notices, and has Claire shine her headlights in that direction. The figure says, "Don't shoot, I'm unarmed," and dribbles some more blood on the ground from his lacerated arms. Daimon walks up the path, looking for someone. He is pounced by Star, who instantly wants to be cuddly. He goes over to Claire's window, taps on it, and says, "Miss, you've got undead in your back seat." And Jered answers, "We know." (Oh. You know. Then, uh, why...)

A car pulls up, and the three celestials who are outside at this time hide, after Jered gives Claire some quick orders. Three more hellspawn get out, one of them Garrett Hall. They are carrying a struggling girl, clearly that night's "feast". Star looks at Daimon and asks if he can do anything. He shrugs, and walks out to meet them. His fast talk was sort of sucky (something about bleeding and still being half wacked out on morphine does something to one's rolls), but they seem to be listening. Star wanders over there while they are distracted, and shakes her little wreath of flowers. They all start to suddenly dance in a jerky manner. Star grabs the girl, grabs Daimon, and Claire floors the accelerator. There are three distinctive thumps as the Jetta hits the hellspawn. They all pile into Claire's car to try and sort some of this crazy stuff out. Daimon says something to Star about promising to protect him from Dana.

Dana comes from her talk with Nakir the Biker Demon out along side the warehouse and joins the group out in front of the warehouse.

Maxwell cleans up. When he's done, he's pretty torn up, but okay. He goes downstairs and rips open the door marked "Do not enter...". Inside, there's no one in the room, but the window high in the wall is broken. It wasn't broken when they walked into the warehouse. There was a cot with manacles attached, and a small table. On the table was a syringe, a bunson burner, a spoon, some baking soda, and a small plastic baggy. The baggy is full of morphine. Maxwell goes out to join the group, polishing off the writhing hellspawn.

There is some discussion outside. The burned body gets tossed into the trunk of Claire's car, and people split up. Dana, Star, Claire, the rescued girl, and Daimon in one car, and Maxwell and Jered in the other. Maxwell goes to the hospital, and tells them he was mauled by a bear. They take care of him. The others drop the girl off at her home, and go off to the Holiday Inn. Jered eventually gets picked up by Claire, and also taken home.

In the Holiday Inn, Daimon makes a sharp left into the bar. By the time Dana finds a stool, he's into his second shot. Star sits next to him and cuddles up. He buys her a drink with fruit in it. He also hands her a map from his backpack, and makes some nasty comments about Dana. Eventually, they get too cuddly. Dana goes up to the hotel room, and gets an answering machine message, which states that she needs to bring the demon to a field at noon, tomorrow. Seeing that the cuddliness is going beyond cuddliness, she goes for a long walk. She comes back when it feels safe, but it doesn't change the fact that there's clothing strewn all over the floor of her hotel room, and none of it is hers.

In the morning, Maxwell returns from the hospital, a stronger and less chewed up celestial.

Also in the morning, when Dana takes a shower, more interesting relations take place. And when Dana gets out of the shower, they move in. The goofiness doesn't get finished until about 10:30am. There's alot of backbiting, but they get Daimon in the car and take him to the field. At the field, the three of them are waiting. A large black limo pulls up, and three people get out: a woman in a black cloak, a large heavily built man in a black suit with a gun, and a smaller, thinner, nervous looking man in a black suit with a gun. The woman in the cloak raises her hand, and glowing chains wrap around Daimon. He falls to the ground with a yell, and basically writhes there in pain. The woman walks up, and gives Daimon a good solid kick in the gut, then she starts to explain to Dana why Renegades are BAD for the War, and why Judgement has already been passed. She furthers explains that she'd be happy to take the Servitor of Eli off her hands at the same time. If everyone would just like to take a little trip in the car, it'll be all right...

Discussion happens, and Star looks panicky. She's agreeing to get into the car, and Dana is trying to figure out what is going on. Why, they LOOK like servants of Dominic, and although she's never seen them before, their is an awful lot of them, and you can't know everyone...

Things were starting to get ugly, when a voice comes from behind them. "That would be enough now. Shoo. Go on. Leave." They turn to see a blong happy looking hippy like chick standing behind them. The Seraphim informs Dana that Dominic will hear of this. Protecting a Demon, maybe even feeling COMPASSION for one of those... things. They get into the car and leave.

A shaken Dana and Star talk to Novalis for a bit, who frowns, and eventually just leaves. Daimon, unbound, has decided that getting up off the ground is a bad move, and plays dead. It takes a bit for the angels to get him into the car. He mutters something about the fact that he would never turn on his Boss. They go back to the hotel and call Maxwell.

Jered, in Claire's car, arrives at Maxwell's place while Maxwell is on the phone with Dana. Maxwell gets the lowdown, and invites them over. When Jered and Maxwell are talking about those who have gotten away, Maxwell makes a reference to Karl Lewis. Jered points out, "I think he's in the trunk." Sure enough, there's an undead in the trunk, who used to look like Karl Lewis, until someone decided that lighting a gallon of gasoline in his face would be fun. Maxwell takes him inside to interrogate him, largely by banging his head into a coffee table.

Dana, Star and Daimon arrive. They look like something BAD has happened. Some talking goes on, and Maxwell gets some information out of Karl, which he does. He learns about Nakir being a servitor of Fleurity (drugs), about the fact that they were going to start a Tether to hell, and other fun fax. Maxwell, in grand Angel fashion, drags Karl to the basement and carves him up like a turkey.

Star is unhappy since there's entirely too much violence going on, and she can't do anything about it. Daimon tries to cuddle/console, but Jered makes comments about what Maxwell feels about that sort of thing happening under his roof. They immediately part.

Dana and Maxwell take what was once left of Karl Lewis to the dump in plastic trash bags. Then they return to Maxwell's place. There's some talk, where Maxwell points out that he can protect everybody.

There's some banter, Maxwell tells Daimon he can't use the phone (we wouldn't want your demon buddies showing up...), and people more or less hang around trying to decide what to do next.

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