Session 12 - The Outlet Mall

Quote: "I DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!" - Malcolm
"I never got that whole Koran read, I only got a few pages." - Maxwell

Dana is in the hotel room with Daimon, and it's getting late. She watches Daimon watch the TV (which has several well-ignored yet interesting stories on the 11 o'clock news), and then picks up the phone and makes a phone call. She calls the servitor of the Game who she had met, and arranges to meet him at the Holiday Inn here, but doesn't say where. When she hangs up the phone, she gets a very betrayed glare from the resident Renegade, and then climbs into bed, to go up to the Marches.

Dana waits a long time to get to talk to Dominic, and she has this feeling that the Marches are very crowded. She can't see any other servitors, but she feels like she has no personal space. Eventually he shows, and the discuss the situation, heavily ab out Michael and the like. Dominic makes commentary about Balseraph Lies, and that Michael has been on the hot seat before. Dana gets some of her answers, and returns to her body.

Star is in heaven, in the Glade. She talks a bit more to Malik, who is now aspiring to become the Angel of Brownies. Star spots Novalis talking to some very good looking guy in leather, who gives her just the dirtiest look. Malik makes comments that sh e thinks the guy is TOTALLY hot, but won't go near him. She also asks Star not to enlighten her brother on her transformation. Star takes off to go back down to Earth.

Back at the Tether, Maxwell gets some details and instruction about how the Tether works. After becoming enlightened, he and Malcolm ascend up the tether to go talk to their respective Superiors. Maxwell finds himself having to actually wait for Larry t o get around to him, so he does a little sparring with an Elohite who humbles him. Then Maxwell talks to Larry, who happens to be the guy that Novalis was speaking to . They discuss the War, and Larry being in the middle of it, and whom to trust. It's not an easy conversation. Larry gives Maxwell some new Songs to help out his work, and sends him on his way.

Malcolm goes over to the Volcano, and Ofanim are zipping everywhere. So he looks for the biggest Ofanite in the pack, and he locates Gabriel. She clears a path for her very favorite servitor, and tells him that she is loving every minute of this mess. To help Malcolm prophesy and inflict more pain upon the cruel, she gives him the Malakite of Fire attunement. Malcolm is more then pleased.

Everyone who is in heaven proper more or less descends to the Holiday Inn Parking Lot, one after another, throughly mucking up the GM's plans. But the game must go on. All three gather after an hour, and they follow Star's Song of Attraction up to the 6 th floor where Daimon and Dana are, talking about the situation and having an infinitely long elevator ride on up. They get to the room and knock. No one answers the door. Maxwell breaks down the door, and no one even moves. There is leather bondage g ear scattered all over the place. The three enter causiously, and see Dana and Daimon (in female vessel) sleeping on different beds, neither of which are stirring. The phone has been dragged into the bathroom. So they wait and wait, waiting for the oth er two to wake up. Dana comes around first, and they discuss Dominic. Daimon finally comes around as well, and then there is even more conversation. Dana disappears into the shower, and when she comes out, she's accosted by the Lilim who drags her bac k in a. In the mean time, Malcolm calls Jered on his cell phone, and tells Jered how to hot wire his truck. Jered does this thing, and makes tracks to get over there.

The method of getting Dana's attention angers Star, who stalks off. Daimon, when he's done with Dana, goes after her. Fearing she'll get taken apart by a demon prince if she's alone, Daimon pulls apart the Geas/6 on Star to make a Geas/1 and a Geas/5, a nd invokes the Geas/1 to get Star to stop running off. This works, but she is beyond angry that he would dare to invoke anything. They go back up.

Jered shows up, gets the address of the room, and joins the posse. Star and Jered talk. Eventually things get goofy, people finally pack and leave.

As the six of them emerge into the parking lot, they run into two cars. One has Mr. Gray leaning against it, the other one is a red convertable, complete with a girl who has torpedoing brests. Mr. Gray levies some rather weird and meandering warnings, w hich don't make alot of sense.

Daimon cons Dana into going to a nearby outlet mall to get some clothing. "All my stuff is at Maxwell's place in Alpena," he says in full female vessel. Dana figures this is okay, and they pull into an outlet mall on Grand River. (The GM got her tupper ware and pots here.) It's a big horse shoe shaped place with a food court in the center with bathrooms. They go into the Gap, Star walks Malcolm's dog, Tyrone. Inside, one of the store personnel recognize Maxwell from television the night before, and c alls 911. It's a few minutes before the eight cop cars show up, with 2 officers/car.

Sirens wailing, six cars pull up in front and two pull up in the back of the Gap outlet store. Star emotes well and gets a human to give her a lift out of here. (The gm makes a note.) Maxwell tries to sneak out the back and ends up in the loading dock. Malcolm, through some manuevering, ends up on the roof and sneaking out of the store. Daimon and Dana just find a corner to hide in.

Maxwell, in the loading dock, is trapped. There are two cops doing a search, and two others acting as backup. It's just a matter of time before he's found. Maxwell gets up, and quickly subdues one of the cops, taking him hostage. He backs up, using hi s hostage for cover. When he throws down the cop and tosses the Song of Shields (Corporeal), the cops shoot, and get nothing. The song shimmers like a brilliant white suit of armor. One of the cops grabs the CB off his belt and calls for more backup. Four cops from the front of the store charge on through.

Malcolm drops down in front of the store, and the last cops there (8 of them) try to subdue and arrest him. They don't get real far, even though they're trying to give the beat down on him.

The cops, in back, fire on Maxwell. The bullets *ping* off his armor in cinematic fashion. He gets into one of the cars, and pulls out. The cops shoot and take out his headlights and make holes in his windshield. Max drives into the parking lot.

Malcolm grabs one of the cops who is giving him the beat down, and invokes his brand new toy. The guy burns, and Malcolm has taken out his sinner for the day. The other cops, not used to seeing a guy's hands flame on, stand waaaaay back. Malcolm contin ues to have an altercation with the cops.

A newsvan, who was following the cops, pulls up into the parking lot, with the camera already running. They're trying to get this.

Maxwell comes around the corner in his car, and two of the cops on Malcolm turn and shoot. One gets a divine intervention, and apparently God himself would rather Maxwell not pull away in a stolen vehicle. The cop gets both of his tires on the right si de of his car. The car spins out, flips, just missing the Food Court. Maxwell crawls out, pretty unharmed, and they empty their guns at him. No dice, Maxwell is just too tough. While Malcolm has Just Begun his Speech about the Plight of the Black Man, Maxwell steals the news van, equipment trailing and everything.

Luckily for Malcolm, the news people still have a hand held. While the cops try futility to continue to arrest him, he gives a full speech on the Plight of the Black Man. Then he gets into his truck, and casually drives away. Defensively, no less. Gab riel is very pleased, in a big way.

So with Maxwell gone and Malcolm gone and Star gone, a new car pulls up into the parking lot, and Terry with two goons gets out of the car, and surveys the carnage. They start to walk directly toward where Dana and Daimon are. They go for Dana first, an d grab her, but as soon as she sees they have some sort of artifact, she freaks and teleports out. They go into the store looking for the person who they have come to grab, but Daimon has already run. He passes by Jered invisible to momentarily harass h im, then *bamfs* out of existance, leaving an annoyed Balseraph in the parking lot among alot of cops and news people.

Star gets out of the car, and the human drives away. She feels a hand on her shoulder, and gets spun around to stare into the eyes of Lust Incarnate. Andre has decided that she's not getting away this easily, now that she has his complete attention. He offers her anything she desires - power, skills, forces, anything her heart desires. She turns him down, and he grins, and he comments that he likes "hard to get". He hands her a silver rose as he fades out, and Star walks away believing that she has g otten the upper hand. But one can never, really have the upper hand on a Demon Prince, can they? She makes it to the tether.

Jered calls Dana, who *pfft*ed herself back to the tether sans car.

Malcolm does stuff with Maxwell, and ends up abandoning his truck. Maxwell abandons his news van and walks back to the tether.

Daimon *bamfs* there, because, really, he has no where else to go.

Jered ascends to Heaven and comes back down the tether. No sweat.

Dana and Daimon talk outside, and he says something that really pisses Dana off, but he has no idea what. So much for friendship... apparently it only lasts about 8 hours with angels. He makes a mental note. Daimon and Star make up, and there's some th reats from the Malakite Seneshal of the tether. (Will see NPC log for more on this stuff.)

The player characters go into the back room, where there's a forge, and discuss what to do next. They talk about all their options, and pretty much decide the easiest thing to do is kill Terry. God knows why.

GM Note: There are too many plot threads that are loose (mostly thanks to not much planning before this session.) Since there is vacation next, planning and streamlining of the game will be done, so some of the goofiness will be taken out and replaced wi th storyline.

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