Session Ten: Errata

* When the tether over the Dungeon (the house with the bondage) collapsed, it subsequently reopened over the Collesium.

* There is a 116 ft crucified Jesus, towering over the pavillion of the Collisium behind Caro.

* Andrealphus called Daimon "My Sweet Little Princeling", while Billy Ray refered to him as "The Son of Man".

The rhyme sung by the children in front of the church is as follows:

I'm Jack! I'm Jack! I'm Jack in the Box!
My Music! Can you Hear it? If you listen! It Rocks!

Now watch me dance my dance of the dead!
On the floor! That's covered with blood, shining red!

No Demons can Scare me, no Ghouls can ENSNARE ME!
I'm Jack in the Box and I'm singing my Song.
No souls can, ah, grab me, no dead can, ah, jab me,
I'm Jack in the Box and I dance all night long!

From Magnus Johnson, "Jack in the Box", 1997

Flaming edge graphics from Our Domain Gallery of Graphics
The "In Nomine" and "flaming feather" graphics are
(C) 1997 Steve Jackson Games, Incorporated.
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