My Brother in the Service of God,

Many griefs have come upon Heaven: I write to you in the hope that we may restore that ancient Brotherhood which has for so long held Hell at bay and driven the demons from our walls.

I have no doubt that you have wondered of late how the many conflicting reports may be reconciled with truth: first it is reported that I am Fallen, and then open war is made upon me by those who should have better listened to the council of their brothers.

It is the truth that I was surprised as you when Michael strode into the Spires and denounced me as traitor: at first I thought him insane, and then I heard in his words the Truth that he believed everything he said. It grieved me - however much we may have differed in the past, I had always thought that we could put aside our differences for the good of Heaven and in our ancient brotherhood.

It was only later that I came to realise where Michael had obtained his information. This news is no happier to me than it will be to you, Stone, but I am told that it is Laurence who gave Michael the evidence which he now holds against me, and it is Laurence who now claims command in Heaven, and Laurence who holds his Servitors away from the slaughter in the Marches, letting Michael kill his warriors and Gabriel's own Servitors in futile war against me.

I do not ask you to take sides against your old comrades; such would be against your nature, and against the peace which we must work for, if we are ever to stand united again. What I do ask is that you hold back from attacks upon me, and that at some point we consider the possibility of your using your own Servitors to pacify Heaven, restraining Laurence and his minions from further bloodshed until we can ascertain the Truth of this matter.

Whether Laurence acts from some mistaken perception of the facts - I do not deny that in his youth and innocence he may have been misled by some Liar or Prince - or whether he now believes that the War may only be won with him in sole command of Heaven, I do not know. For the moment, I can only hope that you will aid me in the preservation of my Servitors, and my Word, and establish the foundations of Heaven before this folly can shake them further.

Whereat I do ask of you, my fellow Archangel, that we do for the meantime make firm alliance against the iniquities and factions that surround us, and work together for the good of Heaven. My Servitors will give to you all information that I have upon these matters, in the hopes that in unity we may find the strength to put down this treason.

Dominic, Archangel of Judgement

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