The Kobalite Core

The Kobalite Core (circa 1987)

"The first order of business," The Kobalite Mediator said,"is to inform you that we went through the records, and hand picked the lot of you because of your service and loyalty. Welcome to the Core, you'll get your keycards to the executive washroom. Don't think we advise the Boss, because he doesn't take advice from anyone, and don't get too excited. Most of the hellfolk downstairs don't really give a shit. It just makes things easier to get around and you look all impressive. Also, we have assignments, everyone is going Topside, because of the second, more important piece of business." She clears her throat. "We needed to replace the waning members of the Core because we have a small problem, one you would probably notice if you stayed up here long enough. We seem to be short one Demon Prince."

-Daimonique, 1987

Dukes, Marquis, and Counts

The Organization and the Core

Political Relationships

The Sickness

Kobal and Lilith

Core Membership, 1987. (to be a table)








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