The Destiny of Bananas!

[After having read an awful lot of seriousness on the List today, I thought I'd just add this piece... -Em]

Demiurge returns, chewing banana.

Demiurge burps a lot.

Daimon says "You ate that poor banana!"

Daimon says "What did it do to you?"

Demiurge smiles.

Demiurge says "It .. existed."

Daimon says "Did it have a banana destiny?"

Demiurge says "And I have no empathy for bananas."

Daimon says "Urgh."

Demiurge says "Perhaps its destiny was to be eaten by me. Who can tell?"

Daimon says "YVES!"

Demiurge passes Daimon the telephone.

Daimon calls up Yves. (111) 111-1111.

Eduardo waves his own banana at Urge

Daimon blinks, and is SCANDALIZED!

Demiurge . o O ( Fiery Banana! )

Daimon waits for Yves to pick up. Man, that old man takes forever.

Yves answers. "Hello, is that Daimonique?"

Daimon says "Yeppers. I have a banana question."

Yves says, "Ask away, my boy."

Daimon says "I just witnessed the vicious consumption of a defenseless banana. Did it have a destiny to be eaten?"

There is a riffling of pages, then Yves says, "All bananas, in the end, will either be eaten, or not be eaten. Was it done cruelly?"

Daimon peers at Demiurge.

Daimon says "I think so. It was a pretty vicious attack on a banana. It didn't even have a chance to fight back."

Yves says, "It is possible that the banana will achieve its Destiny by changing the eater, then."

Daimon says "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh weird. How?"

Yves says, "Answer uncertain. Ask again later." There is the sound of thumping the phone, and a mutter of, "Those wretched 8-balls get everywhere."

Daimon giggles muchly into the phone.

Daimon says "Is the entire universe run on Magic 8-balls?"

Yves says, "That may be its Fate."

Daimon says "So Angels have to prevent the universe from being run on Magic 8-Balls?"

Yves says, "That is one of their tasks."

Daimon says "Woah! How totally cool! How completely and totally cool! To fight the wretched creeping drooling evil of round plastic fluid filled balls, with any means possible! But.... if the universe's Fate is to be run on Magic 8-balls, what is its Destiny?"

Daimon has an image in his mind of Destiny Malakim tossing 8-Balls against walls, yelling 'Take that, you evil dishonorable sphere! How dare you say 'Ask Again Later!' Forsooth!'

Demiurge giggles.

Yves says, "That is yet to be determined, my boy. Perhaps there will be a day when even 8-balls may achieve some measure of the truth."

Daimon says "But right now you just shake 'em and read the message in the little round window."

Yves says, "Alas, yes."

Daimon says "Mmmmmm.... Balseraphic. A true universal mystery. Do you make angels stop stuff like astrology and horoscopes in the daily papers, too? Mine says, 'You will call someone old and wise and he will baffle your socks off' today."

Yves says, "My boy, truth may be found in the strangest of places."

Daimon says "The universe is a wild and weird place, indeed."

Yves says, "It is. And you have called reversed charges."

Daimon says "Well, umm... quick, do I have a cool destiny? Is it as cool as a banana's?"

Yves says, "Cool and beautiful."

Daimon says "Can I get details? Does it include looking good in leather?"

Yves flips papers. Finally, he says, "It does."

Daimon says "Oh wow. Um... hmmm... do I become important, or am I just a schmoe?"

Yves says, "Everyone is important."

Daimons says "Oh. Schmoedom. Well, okay, that's cool too. Uh... is my Fate bigger then my Destiny? Am I like Fated to become World Dictator and Destined to be Just This Guy?"

The operator cuts in. "I'm afraid your money has run out. Thank you for calling the Library. Please call again. Dinnnnnnnnng."

Daimon stares at the phone, and shrugs. "Oh well. It's not good to know this kinda stuff anyway."

Daimon hands the phone back to the Demiurge. "Beware Magic 8-Balls."

Demiurge grins.

Demiurge imagines Daimon as a Servitor of Laurence in stylish leathers on the back of a motorcycle.

Daimon is just boggled now.

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