Periphery. Journal of Polish Affairs

Periphery, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 1995

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Special Thanks

The editors wish to give special thanks to the Executive Commitee of the Ann Arbor Chapter of the Polish American Congress as well as to individuals such as Krystyna Aniolczyk, Mariusz Bondarczuk, Stanislaw Baranczak, Bogdan Bialek, Kristina Bujakiewicz, Andrzej Ehrenkreutz, Halina Filipowicz, Stefan Glowacki, Rita Gombrowicz, Tomasz Guzik, Luke B. Howard, Katarzyna Kietlinska, Jan Lebenstein, Adam Myslinski, Krystyna Naszkowska, Tomasz Olbinski, Andrzej & Ewa C. Pawlak, Janusz Pawlowski, Monika Pis, Monica Strauss, Pawel Strozynski, Janusz Wegielek, Maciej Wegielek, Alicja Witkowska, Janusz & Urszula Wrobel, and Wojciech Wierzewski, for their financial, promotional, and consulting assistance.

Last update: April 28, 1995