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Development of Population and Settlements

Development of Population and Settlements Map

The complex movement and changes of population are split against the difference between "Turkish" and "Greek" populations. It is as if the island is inhabited solely by foreigners from Greece and Turkey but not "Cypriots." Regardless, even with the large amount of population movement, especially post-TRNC occupation, the burden of these movements are isolated mainly within the major cities and British Sovereign bases. Indeed, the central mountainous (see typographic map) area and TRNC occupied north of Cyprus experience declines (green) in population. That said, there is a slightly larger rural population in Cyprus.

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Source: Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients: Teil A (Tübinger Atlas of the Near and Middle East) (Wiesbaden and the University of Tübigen: Reichert, 1977)

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