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Here's the assignment for Wednesday.  If this differs from what you  
wrote down, this text is the one to follow.

1.  Construct your case study's matrix of timeline and map.  Start  
with a calendrical timeline indicating the Landmark Event.  Or start  
with an appropriate location map and link it to the Landmark Event.

2.  Start lists of items from the substantive categories for all the  
format categories.  If you find no items, explain why.  Remember that  
institutions and organizations are groups of persons.  Other types of  
items may occur in groups as well.

3.  Begin exchanging useful sources of information, both primary and  
secondary.  Keep in mind that the beauty of the GEOMAT method is  
making accessible primary documents and data articulated in time and  
space by means of the calendrical timeline(s) and map(s).

Get beyond the panoramic view of history often presented with a broad  
sweep of events.  Search out and locate primary sources.  Analogs to  
this method are detective stories and investigative reporting.

It may be helpful for you to use one webpage for the matrix of  
timeline with map and another webpage to store all the source material  
you find until you articulate each item to its place in your expanding  
web architecture.  You are the designer.  There are a myriad of  
designs within the template of calendrical timeline with map/map with  
calendrical timeline.

SA: Erol, your Cyprus map seems to be a really fine source and it's great that it fits so well in Google Earth. Please let me know if you have any trouble loading it up. As you work with your timeline, maps, and other materials you will quickly see your site emerge into a terrific resource for yourself and others. You are off to a quick start and that's great! Keep up the good work!

RH: Looks fine to me, off to a great start.

AEL: Erol, A solid beginning now start identifying the stakehold groups and their actor/agents and their changes through time. You will find that the British made lots of maps of Cyprus including ethnic maps. Also the British press covered Cyprus and its conflicts regularly.

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