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Ethnikí Orgánosis Kipriakoú Agónos

(National Organization of Cypriot Struggle)


Organized by Grivas, the EOKA was a major force in pressuring Britain to concede to Greek-Cypriot and Greek demands. In the 50s, it was also supported by Makarios III. It 1971, the EOKA is revived as EOKA B and is short-lived after Grivas dies. Makarios III eventually outlaws EOKA in 1974, months before Turkey invades Cyprus.

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United Nations

United Nations


This post-war global organization facilitated attempts at reconciling tensions and differences between Britain, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Ultimately, each attempt failed.

They helped to facilitate the Zürich Agreement, which lead to more dissatisfaction amongst the Turkish-Cypriot population and their vice-president Dr. Fazıl Küçük

Greek-Cypriot National Guard


This is a combined arms military force of the republic of Cyprus.

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