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Map of Western Europe and Northern Africa, including MediterraneanApplying a policy of divide and rule, Britain rekindled Turkey's ambitions for Cyprus... Britain used the Turkish Cypriots, who formed 18% of the population, as weapons in their fight against the Greek Cypriots and deliberately Turkey, which began to advance the idea of partition.

Source: Frangoulidou, Elengo, ed. About Cyprus (Cyprus: Zavallis Litho, Ltd., & Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus, 2004) 28.

The Welfare and indeed the lives of our people depend on Cyprus as a protective guard and a staging post to take care of those interests, above all oil.

Spoken by British Prime Minister Anothny Eden (r. 1955-1957). Source: H.C. Deb., vol. 550, col. 421. From, Nancy Crawshaw, The Cyprus Revolt: An account of the struggle for union with Greece (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1978 [0 04 940053 3]), 171.


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