Xiaoyang Ye

Ph.D. candidate

EPI & CSHPE, University of Michigan

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellow 17-18


(with my student in Gansu Province, 2009)

I work on the economics of education, with a particular interest in the causes and consequences of education policies and individual schooling choices in both K-12 and higher education. My current research focuses on the United States and China; it is expanding to many other countries.

Why do I want to improve education policy for the poor? "25 dangerous roads to school in the world"

How to help low-income students in centralized college choice? "The Bright Future of China Project"

My new poetry collection for 2017: "2017 Annual." My Chinese poetry book "Gone with the rain" was selected to 2017 China Youth Poetry Tour, the highest honor for poets under 40.

Forthcoming presentations: 2018 AEFP, 2018 AERA.


Dissertation committee

Work in progress

Working papers

  1. Human instruction versus machine learning, 2018
  2. Making information work for low-income students in college choice, 2018, with Yanqing Ding, Yinduo Wu, Jin Yang. "Poster for 2017 NAEd/Spencer Retreat"
  3. Effects of public elite high schools on college access and choice, 2018
  4. College and labor market returns to high school math coursework, 2018, with Steve DesJardins, Brian McCall
  5. High school science courses as STEM momentum, 2018, with Sooji Kim, Steve DesJardins, Brian McCall
  6. Effects of education spending on school enrollment, 2018, with Wei Ha, Brian Jacob
  7. Are regional quotas fair?, 2018, with Lina Guo, Prashant Loyalka
  8. The supply of international graduate students from China, 2017, with Suhong Yang
  9. High school spending and student college access, 2017, with with Yanqing Ding, Rong Wang, Yinduo Wu, Jin Yang
  10. Dynamic effects of high school math, 2017, with Steve DesJardins, Brian McCall
  11. Fiscal competition and coordination, 2016, with Shaoda Wang
  12. Does middle school transition harm student achievements in the long run?, 2016, with Brian Jacob
  13. Intergovernmental transfer under heterogeneous accountability, under review, with Yanqing Ding, Fengming Lu
  14. How college choices in centralized admissions systems disadvantage disadvantaged students?, under review, with Prashant Loyalka, Jianguo Wei, Binzhen Wu, Qu Yue,
  15. Stratified access and production of higher education during expansion in China, under review, with Yanqing Ding, Jin Yang, Yinduo Wu

Recent peer-reviewed articles in China

  1. College Undermatch of Rural Students: Evidence from Ningxia Gaokao data
  2. Public high school performance pay under accountability
  3. Why have some local governments closed more rural schools than others?
  4. Expanding Chinese higher education: Quality and social stratification

One of the best moments in my life

(Yifeng Su [#14], Leiyu Xia [#9], Shaoda Wang [#7] and me [#27], Peking University, March 2013)

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