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yusufcan masatlioglu


Associate Professor,

Department of Economics, University of Michigan.

School of Information (Courtesy App.), University of Michigan

working papers

published papers

"A Canonical Model of Choice with Initial Endowments" with E. A. Ok, (forthcoming) Review of Economic Studies,

"A Foundation for Strategic Voting" with J. Apesteguia and M. Ballester, (forthcoming) Games and Economic Behavior,

"Understanding the Reference Effect" with N. Uler, 2013, Games and Economic Behavior, 82,403–423

"Choice by Iterative Search" with D. Nakajima, 2013, Theoretical Economics, 8(3), 701–728.

"Revealed Attention" with D.  Nakajima and E.  Ozbay, 2012, American Economic Review , 102(5), 2183-2205. (Slides)

"Behavioral Mechanism Design: Evidence from the Modified First-Price Auctions" with S.  Taylor and N.  Uler, 2012, Review of Economic Design, 2012, Volume 16, Numbers 2-3, 159-173.

"Informality Traps" with J. Rigolini, 2008, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Contributions 8(1), Article 51.

"A Theory of (Relative) Discounting" with E. A. Ok, 2007, Journal of Economic Theory, 137(1), pp 214-245

"Rational Choice with Status Quo Bias" with E. A. Ok, 2005, Journal of Economic Theory, 121(1), pp. 1-29.

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F. Aleskerov, 2003, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 127(2) 181-197.

"Numerical Representation of Binary Relation with a Multiplicative Error Function," 2002,
Information Sciences, 144 187-200.