Advanced Topics in Mobile Computer Vision (EECS 598-07) - Fall 2010

Instructor: Prof. Silvio Savarese


Classroom:3433 EECS
Time: T Th 9:00am-10:30am
Office hours: by appointment

Project Proposals

Below is a list of proposals you can consider as your project topic.

Topic Description
3D reconstruction - scene

Use the video and sensors on the phone to get a better and faster 3D scene reconstruction.

3D reconstruction - objects

Augment the object and its environment

Understanding environment with multiple phones

Build cheap 3D model by merging the information of multiple phones.

Detect multiple objects

Play multi-player games

Replace the real objects with CAD model

Detect a single object

Augmented inventor checking in the shop

Reconstruct object and find CAD model

Help search the target object and build input to the existing image repository

Place recognition

Virtual Design

Fast Meeting

Recognize artworks/paintings

Use your cellphone to recognize paintings and return info from Wikipedia

Recognize landmarks

Point cellphone to landmark and recognize it

Retrieve information from the Internet

Get more information from GPS

Recognize faces

Take a picture and detect faces

Match the face with face repository (e.g., Facebook, Picasa, your own...)

Return a face tag and other info

Recognize CDs or Books

Point cellphone to a CD cover or book and recognize album, artist, etc...

Retrieve info from the web such as price, or other info.

Recognize business cards

Use your cellphone to recognize text on business cards.

Match logo with existing logos on the web

Online Human Pose Estimation

Use a cellphone to analyze your movements and improve your ability to play tennis

Recognize products

Point cellphone and automatically recognize products and pull out useful info from the web

Recognize plants or leaves

Point cellphone to a plant or leave, recognize it and pull useful info from the web. Ideal for walks in botanical gardens!

Food/calories recognition

Point cellphone to food, recognize what food it is, estimate calories or other info. Loose weight by eating only food with minimal calories

Build panoramas

Move cellphone around and stitch images to build a panorama

Measure your room

Use your cellphone to recover the size of your room or pieces of furniture.

Adverise your business

Augment scene with banners, logos or other virtual elements on cellphone display