Advanced Topics in Mobile Computer Vision (EECS 598-07) - Fall 2010

Instructor: Prof. Silvio Savarese


Classroom:3433 EECS
Time: T Th 9:00am-10:30am
Office hours: by appointment

Install Android SDK



We recommand Eclipse as IDE for Android development. You can set up your own environment or even use the command line tool directly.

Install Java

If you develop on Mac OS X, you don't have to worry about Java and therefore you can skip this section.

There are different versions of Java (JDK and JRE). Since it is likely that you will write the server-side code using Apache Tomcat, J2SE 5.0 is recommanded, which is officially supported by the current Tomcat stable release.

Install Eclipse

There is no installer used to install Eclipse. The process described below involves unarchiving (unzipping) a directory tree of files and placing it in an appropriate location on your hard disk. Also, there is no uninstaller for Eclipse. You can simply delete (or move) the installed files, shortcuts and/or the workspace.
  1. Download Eclipse from its website
  2. Select the proper Eclipse version based on your platform. You can download Eclipse Classic and install the other plugins inside Eclipse. The current Eclipse version is 3.6, which is called Hellos. If you met compatibility issue, you can consider download Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) here

  3. Uncompress the package and move the folder to your favourite path
  4. For quick access, you can make a shortcut of the program. If you use Mac OS X with Quicksilver, you can leave the uncompressed package in the Application folder and Quicksilver can find it.

  5. Eclipse is ready to be used
  6. When you launch Eclipse, you may be asked where is your workspace. It is a folder you assign to contain your Java projects created by Eclipse.


Install Android SDK

You can follow the tutorial created by Google.

To Run And Debug Applications On Device

You can run your application on the emulator along with Android SDK. To run and debug your application on device (Android phone), you need to follow this instruction.