Teaching Statement

    Click here for my teaching statement. (This statement was last updated September, 2010.)

University of Michigan Course Webpages

    Math 115:Calculus I (Fall Term 2007)

    Math 471:Numerical Analysis (Winter Term 2008)

    Math 471:Numerical Analysis (Summer Term 2008)

    Engin 303/Math 371:Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists (Fall Term 2008)

    Math 450:Advanced Mathematics for Engineers (Summer Term 2009)

    Math 463:Mathematical Modeling in Biology (Fall Term 2009)

    Math 462:Mathematical Models (Winter Term 2010)

    Math 454:Boundary Value Problems for PDEs (Spring Term 2010)

    Math 563:Advanced Mathematical Methods for the Biological Sciences (Winter Term 2011)

    Math 451:Introduction to Analysis (Spring Term 2011)

    Math 471:Numerical Analysis (Summer Term 2011)

Course Webpages from Previous Teaching

    Computer Science 114: Introduction to Linux (Cornell University, Fall Semester 2006)

    Computer Science 214: Advanced Linux Tools (Cornell University, Winter Semester 2006 and 2007)