Date: 5/19/03

Re: Anti-SARS Fundraising, final report



Dear Annhua and ACP Community,


This is the final report by the Annhua-ACP Anti-SARS Fundraising Committee.


At this critical time of Chinese and world history, our Chinese communities have shown unprecedented unity in supporting China and the world to fight SARS in China. Our Fundraising reached the following Chinese communities:

          Annhua Chinese School

          Association of U-M Chinese Professors

          TRW Automotive Chinese community (fundraising led by Jing Yang)

          Pfizer Chinese community (fundraising led by Xue-Min Cheng)

as well as some non-Chinese Americans.


Thanks to your generosity, and efforts of Fundraising Committee members to reach various Chinese communities, the total donation collected by our Fundraising Committee is now $14,276 (plus company matching of $750 to be obtained)! Among which, $1,770 were raised from TRW Automotive in a drive led by Ms. Jing Yang. For a list of donors, please visit the following website:


Among the total donations, 100 dollars were designated to Taibei Red Cross, the rest to mainland China. Since we have already sent a check of $7,675 to Chinese Red Cross, another check of $6,501 is on its way to Chinese Red Cross, and a check of $100 is on its way to Taibei. We sent acknowledgements/receipts to all donors last Saturday (5/17). This concludes our fundraising activity. Our Fundraising Committee is hence disbanded after this message. Nevertheless, please be assured that our commitment to donors will continue, including mailing out receipts in case there were mistakes or they were lost in mails, updating website when receipts from Chinese Red Cross arrive, etc. If your name and/or amount are shown but you prefer not to show them, or if your name and/or amount are not shown but you prefer to show them, please send me an e-mail.


Many other Chinese organizations also carried out their own fundraising activities. We congratulate U-M Chinese Students and Scholars Association for their highly successful world-wide fundraising drive associated with and supported by Annhua.

Donation checks are still coming in. These donations are forwarded to Annhua Team (not in the above total). Among the donations forwarded, Mr. Guishan Wang brought in a check of $150 donated by a seniors' group, Parkway Meadows Chinese Seniors Art Group (known as Xi2 Yang2 Hong2 in Chinese, or the red setting Sun)! Many Team members were also present, and that was a very moving moment for us all.

For future donations, please send your check (payable to Annhua Chinese School, memo Anti-SARS fund) by mail to:

Annhua Chinese School

P.O. Box 130212

Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0212

Please note that your future donation will be handled by Annhua Team, not by this Fundraising Committee.

My sincere thanks go to all donors regardless of the amount of donation. Your generosity made this fundraising a huge success! The biggest individual donor is the family of Wenwei Song, Xiaofang Lin and Michelle Lu Song ($1,220). Many Annhua students donated their savings. Even if you did not donate, your help through other ways are also greatly appreciated.


My sincere thanks also go to Annhua Principal Jiuqiang Liu and Annhua Team for their leadership and support. Many Team members (Tsu Cheng, Tao Jiang, Xiaofang Lin, Zhong-You Shi, and Liwen Xu) served in the Fundraising Committee. Furthermore, Annhua is the biggest donor of $2,000 plus operational costs (such as wiring and mailing).


My sincere thanks also go to the Fundraising Committee members for their leadership and drive. They include:

Zhong-You Shi (Treasurer)

Tsu Cheng

Tao Jiang

Xiaofang Lin

Bing Tan

Liwen Xu,

as well as Xue-Min Cheng (who also led the fundraising at Pfizer) and Jing Yang (who led the fundraising at TRW Automotive). They devoted precious time and endless energy to the fundraising. 


Although this fundraising campaign was a big time commitment, it was a very satisfying experience for me. I am very moved by and proud of our Chinese community who rose and met the challenge on this crucial occasion, as we also did after 9-11. No words can express my appreciation to our wonderful community.


Best wishes to you and your family,


Youxue Zhang

Chair of Annhua-ACP Fundraising Committee (to disband after this message)