Smaller but smarter crowd

There is empirical evidence that the data collected from a potentially smaller but smarter crowd can benefit a machine learning system. For instance, the Good Judgment Open project reported the existence of a small subset of super-forecasters. A general difficulty of learning and identifying a smarter crowd is the lack of ground-truth, be either in an objective or a subjective manner. I rigorously study this question and quantify the best sub-crowd for performing certain tasks.

Ongoing works

A Gossiping Approach to Distributed Bandit Decision Making, with Ji Liu and Tamer Basar

Relevant works

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Extended version to appear at IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networkings, 2017.

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My favorite wisdom of crowd quotes

“If small groups are included in the decision-making process, then they should be allowed to make decisions. If an organization sets up teams and then uses them for purely advisory purposes, it loses the true advantage that a team has: namely, collective wisdom.” -- James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds

"The wisdom of crowds works when the crowd is choosing the price of an ox, when there's a single numeric average. But if it's a design or something that matters, the decision is made by committee, and that's crap. You want people and groups who are able to think thoughts before they share." Jaron Lanier