Yang Liu
Postdoctoral fellow
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University
Office: MD-110

About me

    Hello. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. I am very fortunate to be hosted by Professor Yiling Chen.

    I'm super happy to announce that I'm joining the Computer Science department at UC Santa Cruz as an Assistant Professor in January 2019.

    I'm no longer maintaining my (this) Michigan website (but Go Blue forever!). My new site is here.


  • [2018.05] I'm happy to say that our paper “From Patching Delays to Infection Symptoms: Using Risk Profiles for an Early Discovery of Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild” is finally accepted to USENIX Security'18, after a long journey! We proved (empirically) that the cyber security world is well connected (the idea was first documented in my dissertation back to 2015, but Chaowei took it to another level) and this knowledge is useful! Stay tuned.
  • [2018.01] Our work (with Ji Liu and Tamer Başar) "Gossip Gradient Descent" is accepted to AAMAS'18 (extended abstract). We propose a O(1)-communication gossip algorithm that solves a distributed gradient descnet problem with strong theoretical guarantee.

Selected / Recent Publications

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Surrogate Scoring Rules and a Dominant Truth Serum for Information Elicitation.
Yang Liu and Yiling Chen, arXiv, 2018.

Machine Learning aided Peer Prediction.[Video] [Slides]
Yang Liu and Yiling Chen, ACM EC 2017, Cambridge, United States.

A Bandit Framework for Strategic Regression.[Video] [Poster]
Yang Liu and Yiling Chen, NIPS 2016, Barcelona, Spain.

An Online Learning Approach to Improving the Quality of Crowd-Sourcing.[Slides]
Yang Liu and Mingyan Liu, ACM SIGMETRICS 2015, Portland, United States.

Cloudy with a Chance of Breach: Forecasting Cyber Security Incidents. [Slides]
Yang Liu, Armin Sarabi, Jing Zhang, Parinaz Ardabili, Manish Karir, Michael Bailey and Mingyan Liu
USENIX Security 2015, Washington, D.C., United States.