Yiwang "Evan" Chen

About Me

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I am a fourth year PhD student in Department of Mathematics at University of Michigan.

I graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in June 2015.


I am interested in number theory. In particular, I am interested in the Langlands program related theories. More specifically, local Langlands mostly for now.


Current Teaching

In Fall 2018, I am working as a tutor in MathLab.

Past Teaching in University of Michigan

Winter 2018 Mathlab
Fall 2017 Math 115
Winter 2017 Math 216
Fall 2016 Math 116
Winter 2016 Math 115
Fall 2015 Math 105

Other Teaching

From Fall 2013 to Spring 2015, I worked as a tutor/grader for Linear Algebra/Calculus I course in University of Illinois.

Notes that I made

  1. Math 776, Class Field Theory, taught by Jeffrey C. Lagarias (course website is here). [pdf]
  2. A note on a Tate's theorem. [pdf]
  3. A note on Universal Norm Inequality. [pdf]

Random stuffs made by me

This is just a long-term project I intended to do for years, it is still in its infant shape yet.

Big note for calculus

Personal Interest

Outside of math, I am interested in reading, swimming, hiking, planting, watercolor painting (especially about plants), cooking, sewing.

I am also particularly interested in hearing interesting ko-ans in Buddhism, you can definitely email me with the reference if you see a good one, thank you.

"When you're not thinking of anything good and anything bad, at that moment, what is your original face?" ------Platform Sutra.

Last Updated: October 1st, 2018.

This webpage is constructed and varied from Corey Everlove's webpage and Kwun "Angus" Chung's webpage. I would like to express my gratitude to them for all the help.