Ying Fan
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Michigan

Short research summary (research agenda and connections between papers)

Research statement (research agenda and brief description of papers)


  "Financial Constraints and Moral Hazard: The Case of Franchising", joint with Kai-Uwe Kühn and Francine Lafontaine (2016), accepted, Journal of Political Economy. [Online Appendix]

  "Reputation Premium and Reputation Management: Evidence from the Largest e-Commerce Platform in China", joint with Jiandong Ju and Mo Xiao, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 46, May 2016, 63-76. [ScienceDirect]

  "Competition and Subsidies in the Deregulated U.S. Local Telephone Industry", joint with Mo Xiao, RAND Journal of Economics, 46(4), Winter 2015, 751-776. [Wiley] [Online Appendix]

  "Ownership Consolidation and Product Characteristics: A Study of the US Daily Newspaper Market", American Economic Review, 103(5), August 2013, 1598-1628. [Online Appendix]

  Working Paper:

  "Competition, Product Proliferation and Welfare: A Study of the U.S. Smartphone Market", joint with Chenyu Yang (2016), CEPR Discussion Paper DP11423.

    (Scheduled) conference presentations for this paper: Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, CEPR/JIE Conference on Applied Industrial Organization, NBER Summer Institute Industrial Organization workshop, North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society, Society of Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting.

  Research in Progress:

  "Market Size and Firm Turnover", joint with Francine Lafontaine, University of Michigan.

  "Threat of Entry and Entry: Airlines’ Product Responses", joint with Yesim Orhun, University of Michigan.

  "Subsidies and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans", joint with Colleen Carey, Cornell University and Elena Krasnokutskaya, John Hopkins University.

 Other Work:

  "Estimating the Costs of Market Entry and Exit for Video Rental Stores", (2016).

  "Wage Contracts, Grey Income and Career Concerns" (in Chinese), joint with Xinqiao Ping, China Economic Quarterly, 3(3), April 2004, 679-702.

  "Estimating the Agency Costs of State-Owned Enterprises in China" (in Chinese), joint with Xinqiao Ping and Chaoyan Hao, Economic Research Journal, November 2003, 42-53.