Applied Microeconomics Seminar (2013 - 2014)

Friday, 10:00 - 11:30am (except on Sept 19 when we meet bewteen 2:30 - 4:00pm)

Fall   Location Topic
September 13 Terence Johnson (Norte Dame) E1530 Bargaining, Strategic Timing, and Network Formation
September 19 Rosa Matzkin (UCLA) (Joint w/ Econometrics) R0420 Consumer Demand with Unobserved Heterogeneity
October 4 Louis Kaplow (Harvard) (Joint w/ Public Finance) R1230 Optimal regulation with exemptions and corrective taxes
October 11 Igal Hendel (Northwestern) R1230 Equilibria in Health Exchanges: Adverse Selection vs. ReclassifiÂ…cation Risk
October 18 Kai-Uwe Kuhn (Michigan) R1230 Plausible Causality: Economic Analysis as a Decision Making Tool
October 25 Jose Abito (joint w/ Environmental) R1230 CANCELLED
November 8 Matt Shum (CalTech) (Joint w/ Econometrics) W2740 Estimating discrete choice models using Convex Analysis
November 15 Rabah Amir (University of Arizona) Lorch 301
November 22 Ali Hortacsu (Chicago) R1230 Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico
December 6 Markus Mobius (Microsoft) TBD
March 14 Ken Gillingham (Yale) (joint w/ Environmental)    
March 28 Jon Levin (Stanford)    
April 4 Meredith Fowlie (Berkeley) (joint w/ Environmental)    
April 11 Susan Athey (Stanford GSB)    
April 17 Victor Aguirregabiria (Toronto) (joint w/ Econometrics)    
April 25 Matt Gentzkow (Chicago Booth)