Applied Microeconomics Seminar (2011 - 2012)

September 23 Kei Kawai (NYU Stern) "Auction Design and the Incentives to Invest: Evidence from Procurement Auctions"
September 30 Aviv Nevo (Northwestern) "Demand for Nutrients: A Cross-country comparison"
October 07 Federico Echenique (Caltech) (Joint w/ Theory) "The Money Pump as a Measure of Revealed Preference Violations"
October 14 John Mayo (Georgetown) (Joint w/ Business Economics) "Demand in a Portfolio-Choice Environment: The Evolution of Telecommunications"
October 21 Larry Blume (Cornell) "Linear Social Network Models"
November 04 William Kerr (HBS) (Joint w/ BE & Labor) "Growth through Heterogeneous Innovations"
November 11 Eric Budish (Chicago Booth) (Joint w/ Theory) "Strategyproofness in the Large as a Desideratum for Market Design"
November 18 Jeff Prince (Indiana) (Joint w/ BE) "Does Service Bundling Reduce Churn?"
December 2 Matthew Backus (Practice Job Market Talk) "Why is Productivity Correlated with Competition?"
March 9 Michael Grubb (MIT Sloan)  
March 23 Chad Syverson (Chicago Booth) (Joint w/ BE)  
March 30 Ken Hendricks (Wisconsin) (Joint w/ BE)  
April 6 David Rivers (Western Ontario)  
April 13 Stefan Hoderlein (Boston College)