Dawei Yang

Dawei Yang

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Michgan


About Me

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan.

As a member of Princeton Vision and Learning Lab directed by Prof. Jia Deng, I am doing research in computer vision and machine learning. My research focuses on improving the performance of vision tasks such as inverse rendering, 3D reconstruction with the aid of computer graphics techniques.

Latest Projects

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Shape from Shading through Shape Evolution

Dawei Yang, Jia Deng
CVPR 2018, (spotlight)

In this paper, we address the shape-from-shading problem by training deep networks with synthetic images. Our approach consists of two synergistic processes: the evolution of complex shapes from simple primitives, and the training of a deep network for shape-from-shading.

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Decorrelated Batch Normalization

Lei Huang, Dawei Yang, Bo Lang, Jia Deng
CVPR 2018

In this work, we propose Decorrelated Batch Normalization (DBN), which not just centers and scales activations but whitens them. DBN retains the desirable qualities of Batch Normalization (BN) and further improves BN's optimization efficiency and generalization ability.

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Single-Image Depth Perception in the Wild

Weifeng Chen, Zhao Fu, Dawei Yang, Jia Deng
NeurIPS 2016

This paper studies single-image depth perception in the wild, i.e., recovering depth from a single image taken in unconstrained settings.

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