eQTL Results of GEUVADIS Data

This webpage contains eQTL analysis results of the GEUVADIS data. The details of the analysis are reported in Wen et al 2014.

Summary Table of eQTLs: this file contains posterior inclusion probability and functional annotations for each investigated gene-SNP pair. The format is explained in this README file

Detailed Fine-mapping Results: complete output files from MCMC runs for all 11,838 analyzed genes

New Fine-mapping Results: improved fine-mapping results by the Deterministic Approximation of Posteriors (DAP) algorithm

Plots for eGenes: scatter plot, LD heatmap and forest plot for each identified eGene can be found here.


Wen, X., Luca, F., Pique-Regi. R. 2014. Cross-population Meta-analysis of eQTLs: Fine Mapping and Functional Study bioRxiv, 008797.