FAQ for current students at U-M


1. I am a current graduate student at U-M. Can I explore the possibility of joining your lab?


Yes! Please feel free to email me to set up a meeting.


2. I am an undergraduate student at U-M. Are there opportunities to participate in your research?


Yes! Please feel free to email me. Please include your CV and a brief statement of interest.  Knowledge in human factors and experience in programming would be a plus.


FAQ for prospective students


1. I am applying to the IOE PhD program. Do you have PhD positions?


Yes, we are looking for strong, motivated PhD students. If you are interested, we encourage you to apply to the IOE PhD program. In particular, we recommend you select Ergonomics as your area of interest and mention me in your statement.


2. I am applying to the IOE MS program. Can I join you and get a Research Assistant position in your lab?


There are research opportunities for MS students. Funding is possible but not guaranteed.


3. Do you have postdoc positions?


No, we have no postdoc positions currently.