Chris Wing

This is a mirrored copy of my web page at  CAEN . (The CAEN personal web server is a crummy old Sparc 10 and it seems to be a bit slow at times; I have a feeling that the regular UMich web server is a bit faster)
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About me

I am a fourth-year student (a.k.a "senior") at the University of Michigan, in lovely Ann Arbor. Ostensibly I am trying to get a degree in  mathematics  and physics. I am nearing completion of both, having taken far too many mathematically-oriented classes in my years here.

But the reason I have this page has nothing to do with that. Since this summer, I've been working for the College of Engineering here at U-M. I get to work with  Unix  systems and get paid, in that sense at least it's a good job. Mostly, I am a problem solver-- whether it means writing programs or researching odd idiosyncracies of our systems here. I also work with somewhat of a focus on  security , which is fun.

The Engineering computer network, known as  CAEN , has a page listing the people I work with. Recently I looked at some of their home pages. I must work along side with some truly disturbed people. Suddenly, I don't mind the fact that all I had for a web page was a directory listing until recently...

Here are some links to more regarding me.

 Stuff that you can download  Stuff I've done, or that I've collected, that you can download for your computer and your own happiness. This includes the high-UID patches for Linux.
 Japanese  I took two years of Japanese here at U-M
 My resume  Go ahead. Reduce my entire life, and my worth as a human being to one page of text. See if I care.

Coming soon
My tree of bookmarks- I think this may be useful/interesting to some (or at least a way of weaseling out and making a "links" page)
Information about Japanese: some news sites, software for computing in Japanese (Unix/ X Windows)
Information about current/future projects/goals/dreams/desires/???

People I know

 Meghan Moran  My girlfriend of 2.7 years
 Ryan Parmenter  A longtime friend of mine who is not just an outstanding artist, musician, and writer, but also is completely insane.
 Justin Koo  I met this guy when I was a freshman here. He's going to design the planes of the future. I guess I still have a few more years while air travel will be safe...
 Alan Rutter  Another old friend of mine. This is a web page of his band.
 CAL Get ready to get hype for my boy, Kevin Calcagno.
 Mark Giuffrida  My boss at CAEN

Where I (almost) work

 The Computer Aided Engineering Network  The official name of the guys who run all the computers for the College of Engineering. See the power of Unix in action.
 Royal Oak Neighborhood Schools  A somewhat overboard name for the school district of the city of Royal Oak, Michigan. I run their web server.

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