William Ian (Bill) Miller

Thomas G. Long Professor of Law
University of Michigan Law School
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Tel: 734-763-9014; Fax: 734-763-9375
Email: wimiller@umich.edu


Areas of Interest: Icelandic Sagas; Medieval History;
Social and Political Theory; Emotions; Vices and Virtues.

with co-author Toby, Treeing Walker Coonhound



axe bloody cover

"Why is your axe bloody?": A Reading of Njáls saga  (Oxford University Press, 2014)


audun book

Eye for an Eye
(Cambridge University Press, 2006); see interview in Salon.
Faking It (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

The Mystery of Courage (Harvard University Press, 2000)

The Anatomy of Disgust (Harvard University Press, 1997).  (Chosen best book in sociology/anthropology by the Association of American Publishers, 1997.)

Humiliation (Cornell University Press, 1993)

Bloodtaking and Peacemaking: Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland (University of Chicago Press, 1990)

Law and Literature in Medieval Iceland
(with T. Andersson; Stanford University Press, 1989)  

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Courage Cover
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