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ieeefp-ext.c 30Jun10 16:41:42EDT 27K An experimental implementation of parts of the IEEE-FP proposal under discussion in comp.lang.forth, including alternate exception handling.
ieeefp-ext.h 02Oct09 14:21:19EDT 10K
ieeefp-dll.c 18Jul09 16:18:20EDT 126
ieeefp-ext-test.fs 01Jul10 17:50:03EDT 13K Regression tests requiring ttester.fs and mixfloat.fs
ieeefp-words.txt 25Jun10 11:56:32EDT 1.7K
ieeefp-ext.log 25Jun10 11:55:34EDT 5.2K
25Jun10 07:30:22EDT
25Jun10 07:27:08EDT
Scripts for building and installing loadable modules for pfe-33 and later in Mac OS X and Linux.
README.txt 30Jun10 17:43:23EDT 4.0K How to compile the ieeefp module, run the tests, and do an svn checkout of a version of pfe that prevents Mac OS X from clobbering the floating-point environment.

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