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We are not as familiar with shared libraries in linux/ia32 systems as we are with those in darwin, so the scripts below use the libtool generated by the pfe build on a Redhat 7.2 system, as well as depcomp from the top directory in the pfe distribution tree.

We based ltobj, ltlink, and ltinstall on the libtool output. The pfe build configuration was that in the last script, doconf. The first of the scripts, mkmod, is a driver for the next three. The compiler used in these scripts, called kgcc, is gcc 2.91.6, a backout from a problematic gcc 2.96 that came with the system.

mkmod 04Feb05 15:32:57EST 35
ltobj 04Feb05 15:32:54EST 1.8K
ltlink 04Feb05 15:32:47EST 418
ltinstall 04Feb05 15:33:10EST 299
doconf 04Feb05 15:32:35EST 91

As an example, suppose slbench-ext.c and slbench-dll.c in the current directory are the C translation of slbench.hf, perhaps produced by
dohftrans slbench

Then there are two register options for building
mkmod slbench no extra registers
mkmod slbench ftos FTOS in a register

However, we have not succeeded in getting the FTOS option to work. It is included for experimentation purposes only. See config.hf for the details of the attempted FTOS register assignment.

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