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Under MacOS X/darwin, pfe is happy with unistalled shared library modules, simply built in the same directory as the C source, and loaded from there by pfe. The first of the scripts below, mkmod, is a driver for the next two, mkobj, and mklink, which assume the pfe build configuration in the last, doconf.

mkmod 04Feb05 15:28:50EST 142
mkobj 04Feb05 15:29:03EST 1.5K
mklink 04Feb05 15:28:41EST 162
doconf 04Feb05 15:28:32EST 85 configuration for building pfe

As an example, suppose slbench-ext.c and slbench-dll.c in the current directory are the C translation of slbench.hf, perhaps produced by
dohftrans slbench

Then there are five register options for building
mkmod slbench neither TOS nor FTOS in a register
mkmod slbench tos TOS in a register
mkmod slbench ftos FTOS in a register
mkmod slbench both both TOS and FTOS in registers
mkmod slbench none no extra registers at all

See config.hf for the details of register assignments. As a practical matter, the best option for darwin/ppc is both. The others are useful for debugging and benchmark comparisons.

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